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    Default Single Digit Count Down!!!

    Okay, I'm officially excited. We have only 9 more days until we depart. Anyone else doing the single digit count down?

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    yep my wife and I are, We load up the truck monday morning to go up to DC then its onto CN first thing Tuesday morning. 3 more days and I am there with my toes in the sand woohoo

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    We're nearing the SDCD! 13 days until we arrive at CSA for our 10 day honeymoon! Getting ready to go buy all the necessities!

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    Hi All

    4 days until our first trip to CN, we get there on sunday after a nine and a half hour flight, and the wife is nagging me
    to pack our suitcases already

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    We arrive Tuesday as well... anyone see the weather pattern..UH OH !!! Hope we can fly on Tuesday!

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    3 days 'til we get to CTI!!!!! We spent our honeymoon 5 years ago at CSA. We decided to do SR because we were sure that all of the resorts were fabulous. We kept saying we were going to go back , but never actually fit it in. Last month we booked it on a whim. We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary 2 weeks ago!

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    10 more days before our toes are in the sand and I am beyond excited! Can't wait to enjoy a relaxing vacation and the AN!

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    6 days... happy dance

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    6 Days for us too! Very excited to kick off our 8 day stay for our 20 year anniversary.

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    6 days too

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    7 more days here for our first trip to Jamaica! I'm ready to go to the airport right now!


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    ALMOST! 10 days to go til CSA

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    9 days.....I cannot wait!!!! CTI here we come again. We were married there 7 years ago and going back for our anniversary this year.

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