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    Has anyone gone deep sea fishing in Jamaica? My fiancé has never been, and I'm wanting to take him while we're there. We aren't sure which resort we will be at yet since we did the secret rendezvous. Some family is weary about us doing it, with pirates and all. Lol! Is it safe? I just want to be sure.

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    I'd be curious as to what the pricing is for a day trip...?

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    I think for a day it's 1,000. And for 1/2 a day it's 500. At least that's the price I got from a place in negril.

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    I have been deep sea fishing in Jamacia and it is not worth the money unless you just want to go on a boat ride. It is not an area known for fishing. If you are in Negril you may want to rent one of the panga's with the local fisherman that are close to the resorts but do not expect to catch much if anything . We did see whales when went fishing/ boat ride..........
    Terry & Lynne

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    Negril Charters has a share charter fee of 130.00pp upto 6 people or 150.00pp for 4. I just found them doing an online search and emailed to see if they needed a couple more ppl for a share charter the week we will be in Negril, Aug.19-26th. They responded very quickly and the fee seems very resonable. check them out @

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    My husband went in June 2011 when we were on our honeymoon at CSA. He booked it at the resort and it was under $500 for the day. I don't remember the exact price, but I know it was way cheaper than anything we had found online when looking before we left on our trip. He loved it and they caught quite a bit of fish! The resort even fixed the mahi mahi he caught for dinner one night!

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