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    Default 12 days and counting, but...

    I have been reading the boards like crazy and I am totally second guessing my resort choice. We are booked at CSS for our first Couples experience in 12 short days and now I think I should have booked CN.....

    I called reservations this morning to see if I could change resorts and pay any difference and I was told flat out NO. I guess I am surprised because some have said that when they got to the resort they booked they were unhappy and the got moved to another resort. Why can you change while you are there but not right before you leave? Seems odd.

    I know we will have a great time and I know I am worried about nothing but just wanted to know if anyone else tried to do this and if they were successful. Any advice?

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    We stayed at both CN and CSS, CSS is our favorite hands down. As long as you are physically fit enough for the stairs (we stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite and there were 120 steps from our second floor room to the beach), you will love CSS!! Very romantic and you cannot beat the staff there!

    They may have told you that you couldn't switch because CN is fully booked. We were able to switch from CSA to CN the day we got there but neither resort was full.
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Been to CSS 4 times and never really thought of leaving once we got there. Been to CN also and like it equally to CSS. Each resort, while owned by Couples, is independently operated so they're all different. Not better or worse...just different. Part of the problem could be whether there's rooms available at CN. Relax and enjoy! You're going to love it!!

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    I think I will try to call back and see if I can talk to someone. Online it doesn't look like CN is full. I know we will love any resort we go to but I want it to be perfect and the activity level at CN seems to fit our personalities a little better than CSS. Again, we will enjoy every moment of our trip regardless. Thanks for the feedback. I love this board and reading all of the posts and looking at all of the pictures.

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    The good thing is that no matter which Couples resort you're going to love it!! Finding the one that best suits you can be a challenge but, as many have said before, you have to go with the one that calls to you. We've been to all 4 of the Couples resorts and have found CN and CSS to be our 2 favorites! You're welcome and we hope you enjoy your time at whichever resort you visit.

    Best wishes for a great stay!

    Bart & Bug

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    Quick update. I called back this morning and talked to Orville and he happily changed our reservation to CN. WOOHOO!!!! I love Couples!!!!

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    I am happy for you. We love CN and are going to try Swept Away in October. Have been to CN the last 4 years always in February. I would love to try CSS or CTI, but I have breathing problems and know I would not be able to handle the stairs at either, so we are always going to be on the Negril side of the island. I have been lucky to let them know ahead of time and have always had a ground floor room. I can handle going up a flight of stairs to eat, but I do go up them very slowly, then take a hit on my inhaler. CN has a way to get to the second floor Piano bar without going up the stairs as well. You will probably love CN we do.

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    Depending on how long youre staying we may see you there! We are at CN 8/25-9/3.

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