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    Default Landscape at CN and CSA

    My parents are considering a vacation to either CN or CSA for their 25th wedding anniversary. My father has trouble getting around as he has a lift in one shoe. My husband and I have been to CTI and CSS and know that CSS is very hilly with lots of stairs. I'm just wondering between CN or CSA what people would recommend? Is one smaller than the other? Are there lots of stairs at either of them? The beach is also important to them, so any suggestions on which beach is better? Thanks for any help!!

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    Although I have never been to CSA I think either resort would be fine. I think CN is a little smaller than CSA. I do know that CN has 3 floors of rooms. They can request a particular building and building 6 is right near all the action for the pool, restaurants and the beach. They can request a first floor room so there would not be any steps. The beach at both CN and CSA are fantastic.

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    CN for sure. It's the most user friendly resort. Everything is centralized, so you don't ever have to walk very far, the beach is awesome, and it's flat.

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    I would say CN would be the more compact of the two by far. The beach at CN is wider then it is long but still plenty large! You will also have a bit less vendors at CN then CSA.

    If they book a beach front room they would be steps from the beach as well. CSA is much more spread out.

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    SweptAway's beach is world-class. However, it can be a bit of a walk from one end of the resort to the other. The good news is that it's all flat with sidewalks. There are places to eat and drink at both ends of the resort. The issue of being upstairs vs. downstairs should be addressed at check in as there are no elevators. Unless he feels the need to hurry from one place to another, he should be fine at SweptAway.

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    I can only speak for CSA, and in my own opinion.

    CSA (and CN as they are geographically very close) are quite flat. The highest point on the grounds is only a couple of feet above sea level. So as far as hills there are none to worry about. As for stairs that is another story. CSA is not terribly accessible, at least not by ADA standards in the States. There are numerous stairs to contend with to reach any of the restaurants, some more than others. Palms has the least number of steps, about four or five as I recall. The other restaurants are elevated from the beach and will require climbing a number of steps, probably equivalent of going from a first to second floor. If you wish to go to the Aura lounge or the computer cafe there is another set of stairs to climb. I believe that CSA is more spread out than CN and would require more walking to get from one end of the property to the other. There are paved walkways throughout the grounds. If you father is able to contend with a few stairs now and then he should be fine. If minimal stair climbing is a burden to him you might have a bit of a problem.

    We spent our 25th anniversary at CSA a few years ago and had a wonderful time, I truly hope your folks are able to go for theirs.

    I'm sure you will get some good advice from others on your thread that will have more experience with your situation than I. Good luck.

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    We have stayed at CN twice and spent the day at CSA. (also been to CSS recently.) For what you describe I would lean towards CN. CN is much smaller and more compact--CSA seemed huge and very spread out to us. I also preferred the beach at CN and found it much more peaceful. The beach at CSA is longer, but narrower, and felt busier with a walkway along the back side of it.

    Also, take this with a grain of salt because we were only there for the day, but there seemed to be an overall younger crowd at CSA, and several things I have read here back that up.

    There are stairs at CN but nothing like CSS. If it were me, between the 2, I would go to CN and ask for a first floor room.

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    CN is much smaller and probably a better choice, but both are less vertical than th Ocho rios resorts.

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    CN would be the better choice for someone with limited mobility. At CN, all restaurants, stores, the lobby, etc., are located in the center with the room blocks flanking each side. At CSA, restaurants, stores, the lobby, etc., are at the ends of the resort with the rooms lying in between. It requires more walking.

    While Couples generally doesn't honor room requests made in advance, an exception can be made for guests with disabilities. I would book directly with Couples and request a first floor room in Building 1 (if booking a garden room), Building 7 (if booking an ocean room), or Building 6 (if booking a beachfront room).

    Neither beach is "better." Both are fantastic. CN and CSA are both located on Seven Mile Beach. CN is on Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length, and CSA is on Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length.
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    CN is more compact and you can reach the piano bar, lobby, gift shop, tour guide and concierge without going up a flight of stairs if you walk up the sidewalk to the front of the area. It is gently ramp as I know since I have breathing issues with using stairs at time. The beach is great as is the pool. Couples Swept Away is more spread out, but is really a great area, just requires more walking and there are stairs involved for some of the restaurants and activities. Love em both, but CN is my favorite.

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