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    Default Bolt!

    Must be a big party going on in Jamaica right now. Worlds fastest man (and fastest woman)!

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    Yeah Mon, so very proud to be Jacanadian today. My wife and i (married at CSS and have returned very year since) watched the race and we're thrilled with the Gold / Silver finish. Party it up Jamaica...well deserved!!!!!

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    I wish we were there to enjoy the celebration.

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    Keep the party going for 3 more weeks and we'll join 'em!
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    AND...Today is Independence day.

    Congrats Jamaica.Name:  JAMAICA.gif
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    Way to go!!

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    Amazing!! I ran the numbers on this and it turns out he averaged just over 23 MPH! Really puts it in perspective.

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    My wife & I were just saying after we watched Bolt win, with it being Independence Day and both Fraser-Pryce and Bolt winning gold for Jamaica, wouldn't it be great to be at Couples tonight celebrating?

    Congratulations to Jamaica...for Bolt and Fraser-Pryce gold and your Independence!

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    We returned from CSS last night. It was so much fun to be there during the Olympics and Emancipation and Independence days! The celebrations were amazing! It was a lot of fun to listen and watch the staff as they found ways to see the races. If you were not watching the races, you knew the outcome immediately by all the cheers from staff! Staff members who were able to see the races would run back to those unable to watch and give the details. Such excitement and pride on their faces!

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    Awesome finish Jamaica. I hope they are all celebrating!

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    I imagine the average Jamaican is celebrating as much as you're celebrating Michael Phelps' medals.
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    GOLD....SILVER....BRONZE....celebrate the greatness Jamaica!!!!!

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    Jamaica is awesome! WOO HOO!!!!

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