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    I just got off the phone with a Couples' customer service rep, asking about the military discount and what the acceptable forms of ID are. I explained that I am a veteran without a disability and not a retiree, so I do not have a photo ID. Whenever I need to prove that I am a veteran (for some type of discount), I show my separation paper (DD214) along with a driver's license. In the US, this is never really a problem. However, when I mentioned this form of ID to the rep, they were not sure if it could be accepted. The rep checked with her manager, and said that the DD214 along with photo ID would suffice. Can anyone tell me if they used their DD214 to get the military discount? I just don't want any suprises when checking in. Thanks so much!!

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    You might want to get some clarification on a veteran's discount from Randymon. The published military discount only addresses active and retired personnel. That said, I always carry my retired ID with me to Jamaica.

    Thank you for your service.

    Here's a 2011 post from Randymon;

    Here are more details regarding our military discount policy:

    We are pleased to announce a new promotion for US military personnel. This is for active and retired personnel that carry valid identification.

    • A 10% discount on current available HOTEL ONLY rates. The Military discount will only be applied if reservation is confirmed at least 46 days from time of arrival or at time of full payment (if within 46 days).

    • All guests utilizing the Military Discount are required to bring their military id card for proof of identification to the resort upon check in. Lack of valid identification will result in loss of discount with the difference payable at time of check in.

    • Military Discount is not available for travel December 26- January 2, and February 11 - 26

    • Military Discount is only available through Couples Resorts’ reservations center (client direct or travel agent).

    • Military Discount is not valid for group travel

    Note: Not valid for Secret Rendezvous or Couplicious Wednesday Escape Specials.

    See sample of blank military id

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    I wasn't aware Couples offered a military discount - never thought to ask. I'll be curious to see the replies you get.

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    I'm not sure of the answer but I wanted to thank you for your service My husband is a veteran as well and we've run into the same problem (not having the ID) but usually the DD214 works. I hope you are able to get the discount, we don't since we always book flight and air together but for the next trip I am going to book separate and try Thanks again!!

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    This is the first I heard about this.
    On the phone with the reservation clerk and at the receiption desk upon check in at CTI (this year in January and last year in January), I jokenly said to the receptionist, if I get a military discount. Each time she answered with "I wish we had something like that for you".
    So, is this really true?????
    We are going for 2 weeks in Jan 2013 (CTI & CSS) 7 days at each resort. A military discount would be great.
    My question would be "why did the reservation desk say no to the military discount when we made our reservations last year?

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    Yes, there is a military discount (10%), but it cannot be combined with any other special offers (I checked last year).

    I believe that the military discount only applies to active duty or retired personnel, as Randymon has mentioned above.

    Not quite sure why the reservation clerk wasn't aware of this discount - believe it's been in place for quite some time now.

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    It is for active duty military.

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    I'm assuming this discount is given to stay competitive with Sandals, since they offer it. I know that Sandals accepts DD214 as proof of service, so I though Couples would as well. Also, the person I talked to on the phone said it would be accepted, but she may have just wanted to get my call over with. lol

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    I just want to say that have received my military discount from my travel agent and all she needed was a copy of my military veterans ID card which I gave her and I got the discount right away. Everyone that is a veteran should have one of these and carry it with them it at all times, it's good for discounts everyone. I use it at Home Depot, Lowes, and even some restaurants, believe me it's the greatest thing alive..... VETERANS ID CARD --- DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!!!!!!!!

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    wow! I love that couples is offering a military discount!! Woohoo!! Thank you Randymon!

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