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    Default We have a Grandson.

    Our second grandchild, a beautiful baby boy arrived last night. Welcome to baby Adam who weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces. A little brother for our granddaughter Kaycie. Everyone is doing great. We are just thrilled and can't wait to see him in person!!

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    Congrats!! Mine are still teens. (17, 16 & 15) I have heard it's a little better the 2nd time around. (I think that's because you can send 'em home to their parents!)

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    I'm due to have a grandson in Dec/Jan, date a bit unsure! Can't wait, my son and partner decided to find out the sex, at least they know what colour to decorate his room!

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    Congratulations!!! My parents LOVE their grandchildren...they love the fact that they get to give them back LOL!!

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    Congrats. Grandkids are the best. My only problem is I have a tendency to spend to much money on them. I have to quit that so we can continue to go home. But, What are grandparents for?

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    CONGRATS! they will add so much joy to your lives I had Three boys and was so thrilled when our first grand was a girl I have since found that nothing beats grandsons they love their grandmas though I Love them all dearly! Enjoy and again Congrats!

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    Default We Got One, Too!

    We got our FIRST about 3 months ago and it's really, really cool. I'm gonna get him some one love onsies if I can! He is Jack and he is awesome!
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    Jack is adorable. I am going to try to attach a photo of Adam. It is hard being so far away from our family (14 hour drive), but I am looking forward to actually getting to hold him and to seeing our Granddaughter again at Thanksgiving.
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    How adorable. They are so sweet when they are babies. But, as they grow up they really become great. The fun we had watching ours. One of ours turns 11 today. It seems like yesterday that he was born. I also have somewhat of an idea what you mean by being far away. One of our daughters lives 6 hours from us, (she has both of our granddaughters, and the others that are close are grandsons), and that can be the pits, especially in the winter. Every Christmas when they drive home, I pray the snow stays away. But, phone calls are weekly, and as they grow, talking to them on the phone is fun. Enjoy that beautiful baby!!!!

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    what a beautiful baby. Our one and only grandchild just started kindergarten. They grow up so fast. Congratulations, and visit as much as you can

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    Lindad have you tried Skype. If you have a webcam and the person you are skyping with also does you can have video conversations for free. it is amazing. No delay, it's almost like being there. We now Skype with our family almost daily. I am able to talk to Kaycie every night before she goes to bed. My daughter tells me she looks for "Meme" on every computer screen she sees. It is go great to be able to see her and Adam every day. You should look into it.

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