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    Default What happened to the frogs?

    Just returned from a great trip to CTI. We had great fun, met wonderful new friends and had many laughs posing the frogs at the island!

    Then this past Thursday morning, we all noticed that the frogs had disappeared!! I searched the island pretty thoroughly.

    Many conspiracy theories were advanced, but the consensus was that the CSS Trading places interlopers (LOL!) must have taken them to San Souci.

    Anyone have a confession to make?

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    They also could have ended up in the pool filter, they did in July and we had to save them.
    Irie Mon

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    I think that we should launch a full investigation. Start checking every room and every person at CSS. I'm not accusing anyone, I just don't want to overlook any and all possibilities.

    Fortunately, we will be returning to CTI in about 57 days, and we have a great new selection of island friends. Perhaps we will have to mark them "property of CTI. DO NOT remove creatures from the island."


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    We all know where this froggy is!

    If you don't know head to 10 O C

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