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    just wondering how one might determine how full each resort will be at a given time. i've seen it mentioned on the mb that individuals doing sr looked and saw that, for example, csa was booked completely, so they knew they weren't headed there. i've also seen others mention that they stayed at a resort when it was at capacity. how do you find this out?

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    Look at each resort for the time frame you want to go. Some room categories may not show up or it may say no rooms available. Then you can gauge how full each resort will be.

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    I don't know what it is, but I would there would have to be a more accurate way to see how full a resort is during a given week. But it won't be very exact no matter what you do.

    If you just look to see if rooms are available at CN for example it might show the Suites as not available, but there are not that many suites in all. If it shows a regular deluxe room as available you won't know if you are booking the last one (and the resort is very full) or is there are 100 empty ones available.

    In any case after you book the place could fill up anyway.

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    I really wanted to know how full CSA is in Oct. On a average. Does anyone know

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    I just asked. I was curious and when we checked in I asked how full they were and on that visit they were at capacity. At the moment it made me nervous thinking we were going to have to wait in lines and fight for beach chairs..but by that evening I was convinced he'd lied to me because it wasn't happening. Never did happen and I confirmed it again later by being nosy and asking again (different person). Unlike some resorts, they Couples can handle being at capacity!
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    October is a fairly low occupancy month for most Jamaican resorts on average. I can't imagine a sell out in October, but I suppose it could happen.

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