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    Default ARRIVING MON AUGUST 6th!!! First trip to Couple for our honeymoon!!!

    We are so pumped to get out to couples in just 3 days!!! We arrive Monday and are looking forward to meeting new folks and relaxing all well long!!!!

    Anyone joining?

    C n S

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    CTI? We will fly in on Tuesday!! Get married on Friday!!!

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    We're arriving today (Saturday) and it'll be our first time at CSA. We're from oklahoma so a little rain this week will be a new experience!

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    Have a wonderful time!! We are just a couple of weeks behind you so please safe some beautiful sunshine for US!

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    I'll be there on tomorrow August 5th.

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    What resort??? Have a blast!

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    Csa August 13-23 for honeymoon... cannot wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margi View Post
    What resort??? Have a blast!
    Coming to SWEPT AWAY! So excited!!!!

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    You are going to have a blast! Enjoy CSA. It's beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alabamacutie View Post
    i'll be there on tomorrow august 5th.

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