So I just got back from my honeymoon at CSA for ten days! We had a great time! We absolutely flew through customs when we arrived, and had a private car waiting for us.... This was so worth it, if you can arrange this, do it!! The beach is absolutely amazing, and the water...clear and beautiful. We had an ocean verandah suite bottom floor (#4110) and we had a direct view of the beach which we were very pleased with! We did the Catamaran cruise which would Have been fun if it wasn't raining but oh well. They stop at a cave opening which we didnt realize how dangerous it was in there until we were already in. The force of the tide going in and out is SO strong and people were getting slammed into the rocks repeatedly. My husband caught someone from getting their head slammed in to one!

We also did the shopping tour and ricks cafe.... Absolutely skip the shopping tour--- they take you to a mall two minutes down the road which was fine but you then get dropped off at a seedy looking craft market. We were with one other couple and we literally were being dragged into the shacks by our arms, as well as all of them begging us for a dollar. We stayed for ten minutes and then stood at the curb waiting for the shuttle to come back. Ricks was totally worth it, I just wish we had done that tour alone which was $15 pp and gone straight there, I think it's for three hours. By the time we got there we only had a little over an hour. And jump of the cliffs if you dare, even the lowest one, it's an experience!

We also signed up for the glass bottom boat which wash fun and they take you all along the coast so you can see the different resorts, including hedonism, which that in itself was good for a laugh

As for the food, pretty good! I think my favorites were patois and lemongrass. patois will also do "to go" FYI! A couple nights we did a late night run and grabbed pizza from there and brought it back to the room. The pizza there is delicious! You have to try the banana stuffed French toast in the mornings there too! The palms buffet was pretty good too of breakfast. We went there during international night, unknowingly, for dinner and the food was great! When we were on the beach for hours on end, we went to the cabana grill to get their awesome grilled cheese, burger, or jerk sandwich which were all good. As for feathers.....soooo disappointed!!! Yes the food was good, but when i order a crab cake for an appetizer I do expect it to be bigger than a quarter with a piece of lettuce thrown on the plate. My husband ordered coconut "jumbo" shrimp as his entree and he got THREE regular sized shrimp with a few veggies on the plate!

As for the workers, most of them are friendly, especially the bartenders. A few of them in the restaurants seemed to have a bit of a tude but oh well . For the most part everyone is pretty nice.

Walking to margaritaville down the beach..... Interesting walk, you will be asked twenty times if you want weed lol. Make sure you haggle with the vendors down there if you stop and look at any of their stuff, make a deal. We bought some cool stuff! Margaritaville is soooo not worth it.... I was a little buzzed and bought one of those funnel drinks for $18.65!!! ugh. There wasnt a lot going on there.... The one in montego bay is a lot more fun because they have the slide going into the ocean and the bouncey things out there.

Favorite drinks there were the Jamaican delight, snake eyes, BBC (ask for one, so good), and rasta rhythm.

For any honeymooners--- they try and give you a hard time for your free half hour couples massage if you don't have your marriage certificate! We had to wait until we got home to get ours. So I talked to the manager, and she asked me how long we were staying, I said ten days, and then it didn't seem to be a problem anymore. Kinda ticked me off honestly after the amount of money we spent to get there but whatever. Also given a hard time about asking for more pineapple and orange juice in the room since we ran out! I told them our bar hadnt been stocked that day and then and only then did they come right over with it. A hard time about juice, seriously!? Then the first two days we were there we kept putting the form requesting the alcohol we wanted in the room and it was completely ignored as well as our fridge not being stocked with any water. I called and complained and they brought the rum right over. Just minor annoyances, nothing huge.

Rooms could use a little updating perhaps but we were going there for the beach, not the room. It served its perhaps and the patio was awesome.

All in all, we had a great time And would go back!