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    Anyone have experience upgrading their room after booking SR? We are thinking of upgrading our room at CTI, but wasn't sure if we'd have to pay the "normal difference" between rooms or if we'd have to pay the full difference from our SR rate to the normal rate.

    For example, based on today's rates, Deluxe Garden is $421/night & Premier Ocean is $459/night. Would I be paying $38 more per night or $146 more per night (SR was $313/night).

    When I called to ask about the options to upgrade room category, they said I should just wait until I get there to discuss with the staff. This seems late to me. Anyone else have any experience requesting an upgrade?

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    Wait until you get there. You might end up in a different room category anyway depending on how full. If they assign you into a Garden room, ask if any room with ocean views are available.

    SR is typically sold as ROH so they most likely would upgrade you at no or minimal charge - if you wait until you arrive. There are no promises that any other category will be available,Run of House means, they fill what is left.

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    Why do the SR. Isn't the point to try and save money? That's why we booked it.

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    You need to talk to the staff at the resort. It will all depend on availability at the time. If you do it now they will charge you the FULL price upgrade I'm sure since that would not be fair to everyone else.

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    I'm with softail19.... just go with what you get, that is the point of booking Secret Rendevous... to go as cheap as possible... any room will be fine. If you have to have a particular room category then that is what needs to be booked, otherwise wing it, you may be surprised and love your room.

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    We got a call from Couples with an option to upgrade for only $50 for 7 nights. So we did it. Then I was looking at the room blocks online and thought an upgrade to the next level would be even better so I emailed (using the previous confirmation email they sent) and asked about it and it was only another $56. It's pretty much the difference between levels but only on top of your low SR rate. I feel much better now because we will be in blocks 1 or 4 which face the ocean but aren't right in the middle of everything (we like a little more privacy) and not on the farthest side either.

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    Does anyone know for sure if booking the SR, you get your resort credits upon arrival from previous nights , earned at other times? Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    @lvmcgill how close were you to your trip when they called you with the offer? I am guessing they had the availability so could make you such an enticing deal!!

    Was this on a SR?

    You all will LOVE CTI!

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    To add to my post I have to say that I was surprised at the nice suite we got at CSS (c-3) and they are very large. It was an actual suite unlike at CSA they must consider the veranda part of the suite. I thought it was a great value. To each his own I guess. I hope you have a great trip whatever you decdeide.

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    We have an SR in early september, we got a call a month ago asking if we wanted to upgrade, we did.

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    @Fluffin: Mine was a Wednesday special and it was actually still a few months away (we're going in September). My guess was that they had a higher demand for the lower priced rooms so they wanted to give those that have already booked (or maybe repeaters) and option to upgrade.

    We're really looking forward to it, but I'm a little nervous about trying something new. We've been to CSA twice and absolutely love it but thought we should give the other side of the island an try. This special helped us throw the dice. But just to be safe, we already booked another trip to CSA in April 2013!

    @grayturtless: I emailed them regarding SR and Romance Rewards and got this reply from their Group Customer Relations Coordinator, Tadean Miller: Yes you will qualify for romance rewards amenities on your September 2012 booking. Please be sure to pre check-in online at least three (3) days prior to your next arrival for Romance Rewards. I have included the link: Your upcoming September vacation will be updated after check out.

    I confirmed that the last statement meant that I will receive credit for those 7 nights... which puts me at the top level for my April stay! Yay! I LOVE COUPLES!!

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    Its so good to hear that your nights will be credited, and you will qualify for romance rewards amenities. Have a great trip, and tell us all about it when you return.

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    super exciting!! we are planning on booking a sr for october. while we don't plan on much time in the room, if we are at csa or cn i am not excited about having a room near the road-been there done that! don't want to again, however that's the gamble when you do sr! i have hopes that bc this will be our 5 time to couples, and bc the staff at all are so helpful, there might be some adjustments made if we are truly uncomfortable in the assigned room. having a possible option to pay is just fine with me.
    so excited!!!!!!!!!
    drcbwp- do you know your resort already or did you just upgrade for the fun of it??

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    @lvmcgill - you scored with that great low cost upgrade at CTI! Well done! We have not been to CSA yet (17 more sleeps) but we have been to CN. CTI is my favorite so far. While the beach is not large like 7 mile beach it is simply perfect! CTI is every bit as romantic as Negril and the ambiance is so romantic. Then you have some of the BEST dining on the entire will have a great time.

    Ochi is probably our favorite part of Jamaica. It is completely different then Negril but still has the same wonderful people who are more then willing to spend time getting to know you.

    Have a wonderful trip(s)!

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    yes, they told us CTI a good while ago (first of July). Our trip is the first week of September

    We have been to CN 3x, CSS once, had a trip planned last Nov for CSA but had to cancel, so this will be our 3rd of the 4 properties.

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