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    Default Curious about a difference between our stays at CTI and CSS

    I was looking at photos posted here and they reminded me that I wanted to ask a couple questions. When we stayed at CTI, there were flowers placed in our room each day, either on the bed or in sconces on the wall - just a single tropical bloom, but we took pictures of them every day and truly enjoyed the flowers. We even had flower petals on our bed one day.

    During our recent trip to CSS there were never any little extra "touches" like that from housekeeping - no shaped towels on the bed, no flowers in the room (not on our bed, no vases, not on our in-room breakfast tray). The room was cleaned beautifully every day, and the bed was turned down each night, but those extra details were conspicuously absent based on our experience at CTI. Not having flowers in our room at all was a real surprise to me. Has anyone else had a different experience at CSS in this regard?

    Also, every day we'd leave a note for the in-room bar attendant, asking them to leave ice and that never happened any of the 6 days we made the request. We didn't even have an ice bucket on any given day unless we called in-room dining and asked for an ice bucket full of ice. I was also curious as to whether this is typical at CSS.

    I haven't written a trip report yet, so I haven't taken the opportunity to absolutely "gush" about how fantastic our stay was and how wonderful the staff were (though I did write a review on TripAdvisor). The details of flowers and ice did not detract from our wonderful experience; I only mention these details/questions because I am curious.

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    we had flowers during our trip to css they were mainly on the bed, there may or may not have been towels, I don't remember. There was a small pile of clothes on the floor one day as we got back from the beach and were running late to dinner and we hadn't had a chance to pick them up before we left for breakfast the next day...hey I'm on holiday and lazy don't judge me. House keeping folded them and placed them on the chair for us the next day. That being said there was a clear difference between people who cleaned our room. I'm not sure who they were, never saw them as we spent next to no time in the room, but some days they really went all out, some days they didn't. from what I can remember it was a weekday vs weekend type deal.

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    Our towel art was done on the first day. However, as nice as it is picking up the petals can be a pain so we dont miss it. The resort was pretty full when we were there in may so that might have been the reason, Never asked for ice so I cant answer that but I know if I had asked room service for it, we would have gotten it. At each resort the service is slightly different but still excellent.

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    Interesting. Now that you mention it, no, we didn't have any flowers or towel animals on the bed at CSS as we did at CTI or CSA. I must say that personally, comparing housekeeping across the 3 resorts we stayed at CTI won out, followed closely by CSA. CSS was not in the running. The room was cleaned, don't get me wrong, but no little extras at all, we often had to step over breakfast trays and once we found the door open with no one inside. (We discovered she was just downstairs getting a towel or something) We chalked it up to all those stairs at CSS. Still, I would think it's likely more likely specific to the particular housekeeper rather than the resort. We had a lady with a super friendly personality at CTI who we chatted with often, so I did notice the difference at CSS.

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    We had towel art/flowers probably every other day at CSS. On our wedding day, they totally did up the whole bed incorporating my bouquet and everything. CN we had towel art but never any flowers.

    Ice at CSS - Yes it was a little annoying there wasn't an ice machine that we could just take our bucket to to get ice ( we had to search for our bucket, it was way behind the coffee maker). We never tried leaving the mini-bar person a note for ice but I am pretty sure that is a different "department" then the in-room dining that the ice comes from so that might be why you never got it. (Even though they should have passed the message on to the in room dining for your ice)
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
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