Hi to All Couplesholics!
We are in the midst of contemplating our return visit to CSS. We have a few questions regarding the Romance Rewards Levels Benefits, in regards to a two week vacation, and are seeking verification. We can see that when arriving, we would be at the "Young Love" level and that during our two weeks we would be in the "Renewed Love" level.

From the RR page, there is a disclaimer (in brackets) for both Levels stating ~ one invitation per stay, regarding the Repeat Guest Dinner. However, there are no disclaimers regarding the rest of the "Benefits" per Level/per Stay.

So, our question(s) would be:
1) Regarding the other benefits listed, would we be entitled to all of the listed Benefits per Level (doubled on some items listed) during a two week stay at one resort?
2) Or would we have to do a split stay to qualify for these (double) benefits?

We can see why there would be only the one invitation to the Repeater's Dinner, since there seems to be such a huge number of returnees and space may be of a premium. Additionally, to be truly honest, the trading places, t-shirts and departing gifts don't really matter much to us, either. However, the enticing possibility of "double" Resort Credits are raising our curiosity.

If anyone can help us ~ perhaps Randy (?) or Gary (?), it would be very much appreciated!
GG ;-)

ps ~ we've searched the website quite thoroughly, so if this has been answered previously ~ our apologies!