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    Default New board is great.....You can change the color

    When the new board was installed the color on mine defaulted to this dark background.
    I messed around with the settings and selected "couples Blue" then went back and selected the V4 version.

    Now the format is very nice and color much better.
    More buttons, easier to use, sort etc....

    Look for settings after you log in.


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    Thank you!!!

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    Thanks, texasbiggs. I didn't like the new setting either and didn't know I could change it until I read your post. I now see that at the bottom left corner of each post has a drop-down box where you can choose which setting you prefer. Personally, I like the vB4 style.

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    Go for the "old school"

    I like to see that I am actually not working when I'm at Couples.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    I am still using the couples blue old style. What can I say?

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    Oh. Wow. What a difference! I'm a fan now!

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    I also like the "started by" line!

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    And green swimsuit girl is gone!! Now I actually look like I'm working while at work....

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    Agree with bikini girl comments...easier to view at work without her popping up.

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    Why do I have to change to vB4 every time I sign on?

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    Thank you - really did not like the new look with the grey background. Appreciate the post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randijean46 View Post
    Why do I have to change to vB4 every time I sign on?
    You may be blocking cookies or temp files. The setting is a cache.

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