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    Default Soo - tell us what you think of the new MB skin.

    Ok, so it will take you a couple minutes to get use to the NAV buttons, but you simply need to click here to get to various megathreads":

    Couples Resorts

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    Irie Mon! Just an extra "click" but everything is there you might want to look at! I'm sure we'll adjust

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    I like that the couple is gone in the left hand corner so I can look at work more hehe
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    Default Too dark background

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Ok, so it will take you a couple minutes to get use to the NAV buttons, but you simply need to click here to get to various megathreads":
    Seems harder to read.........Just my opinion...

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    Really don't like it. The negative print (white print on gray background) is very uncomfortable to read.

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    Not sure if it's just my computer but the board is in grey. Not nice to read at all.

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    Seems a bit easier on the eyes with less contrast than the stark black/white combo. I like it! Vote of approval here!

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    I like this V-bulletin format much better. It's more user friendly and it looks better.

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    It's different. I restarted my browser because I thought that my computer was acting up!!! HAHAHA

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    ya mon i prefer the white back ground this is a little harder to read

    thnx wayne

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    not a fan

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    It's not bad. It will take some getting used to. It definitely coincides with the gray and blue color scheme, but it's not as easy on the eyes as the old black and white version.

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    Too Dark

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    I was using the VB4 version as I preferred having the more grid like view across the entire screen. The new Couples skin is better than the previous one, with more separation than before, (both horizontal and vertical) and therefore easier to read, although I still prefer more lines separting each thread (row) and each column, or better yet, the alternating light/slightly darker colours. I'd also prefer to see the photo on the left gone or moved so that the threads can be full width. Just free advice from a usability analyst who designs and critiques web sites for a living.

    BUT... I thought I'd check out the "Couples Gray" and now I am stuck with this. I don't like this at all. White text on dark is too hard to read. (I always recommend against that unles sjust for a header or tabs - small amounts only)

    I can't see how to change it back? It's not at the bottom in a drop down like the others. Someone help!

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    I like it. Much cleaner than the previous generation and very readable (except when folks use odd colors). Nice work!

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    It is very hard to read. Not really digging it at the moment.

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    It's too dark.

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    It is very dark. It used to be so light, bright and inviting, now it's dark, dull and very unappealing to me.

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    It's nice. It'll take a little getting used to for those of us that are on here all the time, but all in all... lovely!

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    Love it!!!! So much easier to navigate! Great job!

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    Love it! New and Fresh!

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    All looks good but with the grey background, unless the typing is in white, it is harder to see...

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    Very Nice...easy on the eyes
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    I like the other better.

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