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    Default Glory Be - Whoohoo!

    A wonderful thing has happened - after a little patient work with the Olympic website ( British understatement at play here) Mark and I have got returned tickets for the athletics in London on next Friday and Saturday evenings. Just gobsmackingly wonderful. This means we will see Usain Bolt and the other Jamaican speedies contest the 4 x 100 relay as well as seeing the other 3 relays and the pole vault....the mens' 100 relay may be the race of the Meet as I understand those American chaps have quite a good team too!

    If you want to have a friend in the stadium on the final 2 evenings, I will do my very best to tweet a little - from @Ruthjfj if you want to follow - including a picture for you all from the Olympic Stadium with my Couples T shirt ( if I can find it) and I also have a great Union Jack T shirt in Jamaican colours for the second day. We all love a second country in Jamaica as well as our own - right?

    As I said in my earlier message I'd usually rather be in Jamaica in any given week but maybe not this week!


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    Have a WONDERFUL time!!

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