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    First timer question......Saw pic's on Trip Advisor of couples in hammocks on the beach. Are these open to any guests or are they only a part of certain rooms? If open to all, how many are there and are they hoarded and hard to get? Thanks much!

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    Not to many of them.One straight out from the beach bar and several over towards the watersport area. Free to all and didn't see them being used much.

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    They are open to all guests...first come, first served. However, there are several throughout the beach, so it is never hard to get one.

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    They are open to everyone - like anything else depends on who is there and what there preference is. I personally love to swing and read a book for a bit but not all day so others are free to use it as well.


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    They are open to all and are not hoarded. There is no class system at Couples. People in all room categories are treated equal. I don't know how many there are...some are on the beach and others are spread around the garden areas of the resort. I'd guess about 8 to 10 of them total.

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    There are hammocks on the beach that are open to all on a first come / first served basis. There are also hammocks on the balcony's of the garden suites and beachfront suites.

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    What kind of true resort would charge extra for hammocks on the beach???

    Wow, if up charges are part of the other AI resorts then Couples truly does stand out as "Top of Class".

    Mark & Sylvia
    Mark & Sylvia

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    There are hammocks for all guests. I can't remember how many and usually not too hard to get.

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    How sturdy are the hammocks? Does anyone know? Just wondering about a weight limit.....?

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