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    Can anyone tell me how much the postcards are in the gift shop at CSA and if they have a good variety?

    Rather than do a traditional guest book, for our CSA wedding, we plan to provide each guest with 2 postcards in their welcome bags, both stamped. One will be addressed to us and the other will be blank to do with as they please. I've read that stamps can be bought at the gift shop with cash for a little over a dollar each. I can get some gerneric Jamaica post cards on Zazzle for about a dollar each before leaving home, but I'd really prefer to buy them there as long as I won't be paying twice as much at the gift shop.

    If they are more expensive, is there any place close to the resort that has them for a good price or is it worth going on the shopping tour from the resort just to pick up the postcards?

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    There is a good variety and they aren't that expensive. I don't remember how much though. I always send postcards home to ourselves too. It usually takes a couple of weeks for them to get to us. Talk about snail mail, and I work for the post office! ! I love getting that little reminder of our trip.

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    I got postcards at the CTI gift shop last week- gorgeous selection, $1.00 US each- stamps were $1.50 US each. They will also mail them for you- so the post mark will be from JA as well.

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    Not sure on the price but they have a good variety. Also there are certain days of the week that things are on sale in the gift shop. Not sure if postcards are on the list.

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    What a great idea!

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    Thanks everyone! I'll plan on picking them up at the gift shop then. I love that they will have the Jamaican post mark, and I'm glad that it will be convenient for everyone to mail them from the resort. Softail19, when I did a search of past postcard threads, I read that people had gotten them anywhere from 10 days to 11 weeks later!! That is snail mail! I think it will be pretty neat to have these post cards showing up at random intervals for many weeks after we get home to remind us of our trip and all of our favorite people that we had with us!

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