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    Default CSA New Dive BOAT is Fantastic

    What A beautiful Dive boat!

    Cant wait to go diving on this! see you in DecemberName:  2nd august 007.jpg
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    WOO HOO! What a beautiful boat. Really looking forwad to trying it out. We'll be back on Dec 29th. Can I sign up for a dive on the 30th now ? LOL.
    What a perfect ending to 2012 and start to 2013. Now I'm getting excited about coming back.

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    WOW!! looks beautiful! and I don't even dive!!! LOL!

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    I have the feeling this is not the snorkeling boat -- scuba only?????

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    We will be on it too, in December, maybe even sooner ! !!!!....Beautiful Lady, she is...Congratulations! Take good care of her....

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    Wow,VERY nice!!! :-)

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    Very nice.

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    Thanks for the pics. Talk about easy out and in. Wow!

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    PLEASE make sure she is safe in the next couple of days

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    The new dive boat remained anchored there and didn't move the whole 11 days were were there. We had to dive off the glass bottom boat.
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    That had to be so frustrating! When the CN dive boat was broken we used a glass bottom boat and it was an adventure, but at least we got the dives in.

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    There was nothing wrong with the one we used last November at CSA. Couples really need s to replace the boat at CTI. It's needed replacing for a long time. Not sure why CSA got a new one first.

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    Does anybody know when the new dive boat at CSA will be used? A shame to have to use glass bottom boat, when the new dive boat is sitting there? Hopefully soon.

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    When will CTI get one? They need a new one!

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    I agree beautiful boat, and I also agree that CTI needs a new boat, as it was broke down 4 out of the 10 days we were there the last time.

    However I must admit that the staff did an amazing job fitting us all on the glass bottom boat to dive, even tho Jason did get a little green a few times. Well you have 55 days to get my surprise ready for me, Shan and I arrive on October 5th.

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    dandj, Swept Away got a new boat because the one they were using, went for a swim. It sank.

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    We've never been to CSA, but for the past several years the dive boat at CTI breaks down at LEAST once while we're there. Numerous times our dive was delayed or we had to forfeit the dive due to delays and waiting on another boat interferred with other plans! One year we could only do limited local dives (around tower island) because the boat was broken the whole time we were there and we were using the snorkeling boat which was miserable trying to do dives off. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, replace the dive boat at CTI!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarDar View Post
    dandj, Swept Away got a new boat because the one they were using, went for a swim. It sank.
    OMG! Not good I must say!

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    Does anyone know if they are using the new dive boat at CSA yet, and if not, what's the hold up? That would make me upset if you're still having to use the glass bottom boat when the new boat is sitting there.

    They were having engine troubles with the old boat at CSA last time we were there and we had to switch to alternative boats, and that was in May 2011. Really hope it's in use soon, we're arriving in less than 2 weeks!

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    When did it sink? I just dove on the old boat 7/21-28 2012...

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    Eliz, not sure what boat you dove from, but the boat I was speaking of was the boat they used for years. It had two steering locations with a walk around bow, and a large dive flag painted on the side. Air tank holders on both sides at the stern and rear entry and exit. I believe it went down last Nov. or there about. I know it wasn't there last Dec.

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    Arghh! The bloody pirates put er to the bottom you say????

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    It went down December 3. We arrived the day before and I didn't make it down to sign up for the 2-tank trip where the "whoopsie" happened.

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    My husband and I are getting Open Water certified now. We will be at CSA Dec 2013! Can't wait!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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