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    Default Excuses!

    Quote Originally Posted by ninjaz9r View Post
    Gimme a break Stephen. Getting over Jet lag since I had to travel from SC to Texas in order to get home avoiding the north east.
    Got home 24 hours late.
    My countdown clock gives 22 days and 3 hours till finishing work the day before travel.
    LOL! Excuses, excuses. 19 days until I'm off work. Ugh! Can't wait to return home. You want to bring another bottle of Ketal this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matisjam View Post
    LOL! Excuses, excuses. 19 days until I'm off work. Ugh! Can't wait to return home. You want to bring another bottle of Ketal this year?
    If you get some ketal, I'll see if I can pick up some Akvinta or Russian Standard

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    Last week was Hurricane Sandy (power only out for 3 days) and then started snowing yesterday, woke up and 2" of SNOW !!! Now its 35 degrees at 10 AM...burrr.....really looking forward to CN again...sunning in 80 degree weather is much more inviting then this. 14 more days till we arrive on Jamaica our second home.

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    Just 2 weeks on Wednesday until we arrive - look forward to seeing you all please come and say hello to the tall Brit with the short wife!!!

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    Hi Kevin and Becky...we will miss you again this time..
    Never know..perhaps you will surprise us in July For the Red..White and Blue party number 3.
    We had such a blast with you guys at party number 1 in 2011.
    Enjoy your Nov some vodka and rum for us..we wiil be there Jan 30 2013 for the Super Bowl Feb 3.
    Happy holidays..
    Stay safe..
    Our Love and Best Wishes..

    John and Cheryl Ann

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    Hey John and Cheryl Ann,
    Not sure what our plans are for next year yet.
    Buying a new boat soon hopefully so may need to reign it in for one trip.
    Have a good time in February.

    I was going to do a 10 day picture countdown but the picture uploader seems to be broken right now.

    Sharon and Martin, see you at the shop on the 29th. Guessing you'll be in around 7pm on the 28th
    Otherwise we'll be at our usual spot by the swim up bar.

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    10 days to go.
    First morning stroll in Bloody Bay

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    Aha....finally found out my attachment store was full....then had to find where to clean it up from within my profile settings
    Can mow upload new pics.

    One of the gang from last November. Some returning this a couple not....We'll see them again next year for sure as they are all gutted they cannot make it this year now.

    All of this lot came to CN in just one or two couples the first time but are all now multi repeaters

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    8 Days to go.......

    Our "Office" for 4-5 weeks of the year
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    Name:  heliconia lunch spot.JPG
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    Lunch spot!!

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    7 days till another Jamaican Sunset....

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    6 days to go. Some pictures of my dive buddies

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    5 Days to go.....
    Real pretty huh !!!

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    Last years night dive we saw 5 turtle.

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    4 Days to go......
    Busy week at work so hoping it will fly by

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    3 days to......

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    Two days to go....

    Today we have our wedding in 2006 and Xmas 2008

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    One week today we will be on the plane by then you will have settled in. Martin looking forward to some great diving. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Sharon & Martin

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    1 day to go.....Really looking forward to that first morning on the beach

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    ZERO....Lift Off......
    Off to the Airport in 12 hours

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