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    Default November 23rd through December 7th Picture thread

    Hi All,

    Kevin and Becky from the UK here.....
    We are going to CN on the above dates for our 21st trip. Been to CSA and CSS too but love CN.
    We did see the December and November threads but wanted to start one that kind of spans the two.
    Looking forward to seeing all the CN family, old friends we already know are booked, old friends we hope will make it and as always meeting some new friends.
    Will be doing some diving (I am a divemaster) and playing beach volleyball (usually badly), but mostly hanging out and relaxing.

    See you all soon
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    Default Woohoo!

    Hey Kev and Becky...LOL!

    Well you know we'll be there but looking forward to splitting a bottle of Ketal at the office this year.

    We're Steve and Meghan from St. Louis and this will be our 6th time back home to CN. Can't wait.

    Oh, we're bring Jamaica and CN virgins with us. Our friends Nathan and Allison are excited about their first trip to Jamaica.

    See you soon Kev and Becky!

    P.S. I thought you would appreciate this picture.
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    Ah yes a picture of almost all the Facebook CN November/December group members

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    Double digits.....99 days

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    Mark & Sue we will be there Nov 25th - Dec 2nd. Looking forward to diving and doing alot of sitting on the beach and floating in the ocean!!

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    Hey Mark and Sue,
    I'll see you at the dive shop.
    Just heard some old friends we didn't think would be making it, will be arriving on the 24th.
    Only problem is that news makes us look forward to it even more and the time pass more slowly

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    I just canceled my original reservation and transfered it to todays Couplicious sale and saved $550 for the same days!! Check it out before it's to late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suenmark View Post

    I just canceled my original reservation and transfered it to todays Couplicious sale and saved $550 for the same days!! Check it out before it's to late.
    We don't get these deals (or the resort credit etc) in the UK. It is for the North American market only. All we can rely on is early booking bonuses but it usually works out similar on the rate per night. I know friends in the USA have just booked with that deal and paid only around $1000 less than us but for 10 nights to our 14 so all good.
    Thanks for letting us know though

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    Hi Sue & Mark, glad to hear you are returning to CN, we will be arriving at CN on the 2nd Sep for 12 days, we will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary on 5th Sept, we can not wait.
    Hope all is well
    Kevin & Jacqui

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    Kevin & Jacqui congrats on your 25th Anniversary!!! Hope all is well with you!! Hopefully are paths will cross again at CN. Have a great trip in September!

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    Default Getting Closer... :)

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    Our flight comming into MoBay has been delayed 2 hours so we don't land till 1:58......"NO PROBLEM" 85 more days, can't wait !!
    Last year the waves were awsome, unusual for the bay, on the 4th day wrenched my back out body Then all I could do was drink and party. Have to take it easy so I can play volleyball, drink and party with Bev. and others.
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    Hey Artchew,
    Looking forward to seeing you on the volleyball court again. Just heard our friends Shannon and Don are going to make it after all so Don will be up for playing every day too. Volley ball in 100 degree heat yeah....the blood, the sweat, the beers

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    I can't believe it's 24 days since going down to double digits. Only got to do that 3 more times and we are there.......

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    Another milestone. Finishing work 10 weeks today ready for our trip. Another milestone at 6 weeks (long story) and then the 10 day picture countdown.

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    ninjaz9r....going to be drinking more than playing vball...65 more days to get on the plane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artchew View Post
    ninjaz9r....going to be drinking more than playing vball...65 more days to get on the plane.
    Know what you mean. Can always drink while playing. One hand for a beer and one to hit the ball......

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    Hi Kevin and Becky fellow Brits Martin and Sharon here from Kent - we met last year in December. We arrive on November 28th for 21 nights. Martin is the tall advanced diver and me the shortie non diver whoi sits reading while watching Sugar teach the newbys. Look forward to seeing you again.

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    Down to 50 days....well at least until work finishes the day before we fly. Still, from the double digit day in mid august down to 50 days just seems to have flown. I notice too that we have had over 1000 view of the thread but still just 6 couples........cmon don't be shy....

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    Hi Sharon and Martin, we'll see you on the 28th (late I guess)

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    6 weeks to go. An odd milestone I know. It goes back to around 8 years ago where for a couple of years all our bookings for vacations seemed to be made 6 weeks prior to leaving.

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    Hi Kevin and Becky
    Six weeks tomorrow before we leave at least Thursday will be 5 and a bit!!! sounds better and closer. We land at close to 3pm local time so hope to arrive in time for a pre freshen up drink!!!
    See you there.

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    Hi Sharon and Martin,
    Yep tomorrow at 17:30 will be 5 weeks until we finish work ready for our trip.
    I'm off to South Carolina next wednesday too for a little break of 6 days. College football season so off for golf and a game.
    See you there

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    Getting closer...24 more days till we get on the plane to MoBay.....hurricane Sandy is headed to New England today, getting very windy. Negril's warm ocean breeze is much more

    Art & Bev

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    Kevin is behind! Only 24 days! Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matisjam View Post
    Kevin is behind! Only 24 days! Can't wait!
    Gimme a break Stephen. Getting over Jet lag since I had to travel from SC to Texas in order to get home avoiding the north east.
    Got home 24 hours late.
    My countdown clock gives 22 days and 3 hours till finishing work the day before travel.

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