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    Default My turn!!

    I have waite soooooo long to for this.....

    doing the single digit dance!!! 9 days........9 days till our 9 day return to CTI...home away from home.

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    Thanks for SHARING

    Life is good

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    The anticipation and excitement that one feels prior to going to Couples, is fantasmagorical! Whether it's someone's first trip, where everything is an unknown, or a repeaters trip, where everything is so familiar and comfortable, waiting for the days to pass and doing the countdown thing, is the same for everyone.
    Over the top. Blown away. Best vacation EVER!!!

    Discovering Couples is like discovering a secret place that you had heard about. You didn't really believe all the stories of those that have gone before.
    But your first experience at the resort, and your lives are changed forever.

    Your excitement is our excitement, our excitement is your excitement.

    Have a great time.


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    That's how I was the first time I went to CSA... but did you all notice that the repeat visit is a little different though... YOU'RE COUNTING DOWN EVEN MORE!! Just knowing first hand how great Couples is makes waiting to return even harder!!!

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    CSA ------ Tomorrow !!!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Getting married on September 1 and CSA on September 5 as first timers! Can't wait!

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    I am MUCH more excited this time!!! We were married there 7 years ago and always wanted to go back and haven't been able to till now. So, for the past seven years I have lived through everyone else on the message board and you're right Richie....your excitement has been my excitement...hense the thread title.."MY Turn...My Turn"

    And Couples does deliver as Richie put it perfectly......Over the top. Blown away. Best vacation EVER!!!

    5 days now.......

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