Hi ~ my fiance and I are getting married in May at CSA and chose the Tropical wedding package, which includes a photographer and a 1-hour photo shoot, and also includes 12 5x7's, 8x10, and CD of selected photos. Does anyone have any experience, reviews, advise, feedback, etc on having used the resort photographer? We've thought about using an outside photographer, but it's $500 plus whatever photo package you chose from them, so it could get very $$ and we are on a limited budget. Another note, we are going by ourselves - no family or friends (although we have asked one couple, but they haven't accepted or declined at this time), so it's not like we'll have someone there to take additional pictures of the ceremony, or us getting ready, etc.

What all does the photographer do? Is it really just the one photo shoot, which would obviously be after the fact? Do they take any during the ceremony? Do the 5x7's have to be all the same pose, or can you pick a few (one pose per sheet obviously)? Is the CD just the 5x7's and 8x10 that we select prints of? I'm at a lose & don't want to feel that we missed out on capturing our moment!

For anyone who used an outside vendor, can you please share your experiences, costs, inclusions, etc?

As much info as I can get the better I'll feel. It is the only thing I am really questioning about the entire process....

Thanks so much in advance,

Gina & Jason