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    Default New colour scheme

    I am finding it very difficult reading the message board with the new colour scheme of white text on a grey background, is this a permanent change?

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    I find it difficult too. On the main message board, our opinion was asked. I hope they change it back.

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    The new web scheme is realy bad. Colors suck. Need to realy look at the screen to see the posts (strain). No names on each post. that mean that nobody knows who is who. Who ever came up with this change should be replace. It was not thought out. Hope this is not the way Couples is going.

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    We just use the v-bulletin.

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    I'm using the couple blue (old school). It's just like it used to be with it.

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    I was using V-bulletin but for some reason it changed. I don't have any other options in the drop down menu at the bottom left. I am now getting it in Couples Blue only. The drop down is showing Couples Grey and Couples Mobile but neither changes the look and v4 is not even showing as an option.
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