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    Default How do you go about to get a kitchen tour while at cti?

    Who do we speak to?
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    We spoke with Sous Chef Christoper (last name escapes me) and he set up a time for us to tour the kitchen with him. Just go to the kitchen doors in the Patio (buffet) area and ask one of the workers there to get the chef for you, and they'll handle it from there. You'll be amazed at what a great operation they have going on back there! Simply incredible the amount of work and organization that goes into those fabulous meals we all enjoy.

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    There is a Kitchen tour at Couples Negril that is one of the daytime activities, not certain which day. You might check their activity sheet to see if they offer one.

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    Just ask. Try the front desk or guest relations in the lobby. Either will set you up.
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