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    Default Zeus ---IT'S HOT

    106 yesterday, 1-0- freakin 3 today in Springfield mo- we've got 32 days left to hit Jamaica and cool it off !

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    I bet it also rains in Jamaica!! What we wouldn't give for some rain in Omaha.

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    Ditto to both from Kansas City (Overland Park to be exact - if you know the area lol). We hit the road for Jamaica in May next year and we can't wait!!!!! CSA here we on the beach + honeymoon

    Mike & Syliva - enjoy...happy Jamaicaing!!!!!

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    We're in St. Louis... getting married 8-11, luckily we're getting a reprieve for our wedding day (high of 88, current forecast) and looks like the chance of rain in Jamaica drops from 60% to 20% the day we arrive. Maybe we'll get lucky and the weather stations will be right for once!

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