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    Default Should Couples create a separate board for Reviews only?

    I.was just thinking maybe a separate board should be created here for trip reviews only. Does anyone else agree with that? I think it would make it easier for people to post their reviews, and viewers to find them. Maybe even separate them by resort. Just a thought.
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    As a newbie, poring over these boards in the past couple weeks in anticipation of our 1st visit to CSS, I'd say that is a great idea!!

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    I think this is a great idea!

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    I think that's an excellent idea! As a couple who have never left the country, next April will be our first time on vacation so we are constantly reading the message boards, reviews and visiting trip advisor daily to get as much info as possible. Keeping the reviews on this website separate would make it so much easier in my opinion

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    I think it would be nice to have it separate and also to have sub-boards for each resort.

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    Default Yes

    Good Idea, It will be the Couples trip

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    I completely agree.....I have always wondered why there was not a section for reviews.

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    Great idea.

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    Good idea. Except I do find myself reading the reviews of all the resorts because I see them on the main board. I might just only go to the CSA reviews if there were a seperate spot for all the reviews.

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    I like the reviews mixed in with everything else , the way it is now.

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    At the risk of taking this thread on a tangent...

    What if the Photo Contest pictures were organized by resort? Sometimes the labels/titles/descriptions that the posters provide are so vague that it is difficult to know at which resort the photos were taken.

    It might also help those who are trying to decide on a resort to know which resort they are seeing. The advise often given is to look at pictures and see which resort "calls to you". Good advice, but if you don't know at which resort the picture was taken....
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