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    Default Want to bring my dress and have pics taken...

    My husband and I just got married last weekend and are honeymooning at CSS 8/1-8/7. I had emailed the resort these questions and hadn't heard back and since I need to get packing, I was wondering if anyone out there could help.

    I wanted to bring my wedding dress and have some pictures taken on the beach. I was wondering if I could 'rent' the resort's photographer and if the resort had the facilities to steam or press my dress upon arrival.

    As we are FRESHLY hitched, we don't need a vow renewal or anything like that, but would love some tropical pics to add to our memories.


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    They do have the ability to steam your dress, I think it says it is $35 and up.... I am sure you could take it with you, I don't think there is any problem with that. Unfortunately, I am no help as far as the resort photographers go. Someone else is going to have to help you on that one! Have a great time and congrats!!!! 71 days to go until I take off for CN!

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    I'm sure they would accommodate you! You can get a photo package for pretty much showing up in a wedding dress shouldn't be any different. They have to send your dress off the resort to be steamed/pressed, which took 3 days to get it back...mine cost $60.

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    The resorts do photo shoots free of charge. You only pay for the pictures you want.

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    We had them take some photos of us are CSS when we did the private dinner in the wedding gazebo. We only paid for the pics we wanted and they turned out nice. CSS is a gorgeous resort, have fun!

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    Yes! When I went to CTI they had a "free" session and you pay for only the photos you want. You could do like a trash the dress session, I did this the day after my ceremony. I think we did 25 photos and I want to think it was a bit pricey like 200 or so, but the photo quality was amazing. It was hard to pick just 25. So much fun too. They will def steam your dress, but honestly I rolled mine, and then turned the shower on full blast hot and let mine steam, it was perfect not one little wrinkle. But we all know they can be dirty after you wear it, so yeah they will clean it, and I think it would be cheaper than in the states. I would tell them at check-in

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