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Thread: WIFI at CSA

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    Default WIFI at CSA

    Do they have WIFI at CSA so that you can use your computer?

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    It is not good. The pass code they gave us at check in never worked (check it before you leave the lobby). We had to go back the next day and they fixed it...for two days. Never worked again for us...was sad about that part...heard others saying th same...saw people walking around rooms, beach holding their IPads in the air trying to get a of the things I was sad light rum for the rooms, only dark! Very sad.

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    Yes it is available, I have found the signal to be somewhat wanting though. I have had to move about our room trying to find the best spot for a good signal to check email and such. I usually get an adequate connection, but the speed is not the greatest. Works for simple stuff, streaming video or other band intensive activities may be a bit of a problem. Many folks use skype to make phone calls back home, but my iPhone had a difficult time making an adequate connection for making calls through skype, the delay from slow connection was very tough to work around. I wound up buying a Jus'Talk card in the gift shop to call home.

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    Yes, we didn't have any problems accessing it from our atrium suite.

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    Didnt have any problems....i will say in May 2011 we brought laptop....then May 2012 brought ipad. The ipad was much faster than the laptop on their connection.

    I was even downloading tv shows from itunes with no problems and watching streaming video from US sites.

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    Probably the one complaint I could have about CSA is the wifi, fortunately after a day or two of fumbling with it and it not working I give up and check my email once or twice in the internet cafe/computer room just to make sure everything is fine in the world and become otherwise completely detached.. It's a great feeling and I am glad it seems to take less and less time to feel this way each trip we make. Last time I didn't even bring the laptop, just the Ipad and it stayed in the safe for about 90% of the trip. Some people have kids or more pressing jobs I guess, but I have found that it is great to detach myself for my time in Jamaica and focus on my lovely wife and the wonderful paradise we are lucky enough at the time to visit.

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    Just left CSA today and had no trouble with internet. I skyped my daughter every night from my garden verandah suite and noticed that the bandwidth is low, so we talked without video and had no issues. I also had no issues surfing the internet. I did not take the laptop out of the room so I cannot comment on reception anywhere else on the resort. I will say that lugging my laptop down there from Illinois was a drag...

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    It would be good to know where their routers are located throughout the resort and then maybe we can request a room closest to one as needed?

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    While the signal isn't what you have at home, it's still fast enough for most of what you'll do. Email is no problem, checking your stock portfolio is no problem, reading your hometown newspaper online is no problem. If you want to stream Apocalypse Now in your room you might have some issues, but why would you do that on vacation?

    The secret to getting connected is to delete all the other WiFi connections in your Network Connections folder (PC, obviously). Reboot and your PC will see the CSA server and then you can readily connect.
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    We were in an ovvs and the connection was lousy but worked. We forgot to say something when we checked in but all we had to do was call desk and they gave us a code. I heard you can ask for a room with good reception.

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