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    Default Which Couples for First Timer

    My wife and I are considering Couples as our first trip to Jamaica and also for our 30th anniv. Does anyone in our age group (50's)have any advice or suggestions in relations to which Couples resort to visit?

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    1982-honeymoon COR(cti)
    2007-25th anniversity CTI
    2009-"new" CTI
    Need I say more?

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    The whole decision depends on what you are looking for. When I booked our first trip in 2008, I looked over and over again at all the info on the 4 resorts. (all the other research I did was which group of resorts, and after that research, Couples won hands down). I also checked info on this board. One of the resorts will call out to you. On the site there is an area that shows the rooms, the layout, and another that lets you know what is "included" in each of the resorts. We chose CSS, and never regretted it. We had a fabulus time, and are going back again this December. But everyone is different. So go to the one that is "calling" you.

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    It all depends on what you are looking for.

    If you want a private resort and beach area then CSS and CTI is what you are looking for.

    If you want to be in an area with lots of action then CN and CSA is for you.

    Do you want to do:
    Cat cruise -- CTI, CSA, CN only
    Horse back riding --CTI only
    Dunns River falls - CTI, CSS
    Room Service for meals - CSS only

    Look at what is included in the resort and one will call you. All the resorts are different and include different things.

    Maybe if you post what you are looking for we can give you a little more help.
    Irie Mon

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    The decision isn't any easier when you go the second time!! We stayed at CSS and we know we're going to one of the resorts but can't decide which in May 2010.

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    Hi Mike,

    Which Couples is the most difficult question asked on this board. We all have our favorites for different reasons, and all of us have our own likes and dislikes.

    Here is my advice to you. Look at each resort in depth, go into each and every tab do all the virtual tours, the pictures on this website and in the virtuals are accurate, what you see really is what you get. The menu's for the resorts are sample menu's they are a sampling of what you may see the menu's at the resorts.

    All of the resorts offer Continental Breakfast Room Service, but CSS is the only one that offers room service for Lunch and Dinner as well (including Filet Minon that is awesome).

    CN is located on Bloody Bay a bay in Negril shared by I believe 4 other resorts. It is a truly beautiful beach!!!!

    CSA is located on 7 Mile Beach, again a truly beautiful beach!

    CTI & CSS are private cove beaches.

    CSA is the only one that does not have an A/N option.

    There will be one resort you keep going back to, the one you can't get out of your head. That is how we picked CN for our first two trips, we loved it there!!!! We celebrated our 25th there in 06 and returned in 07. We decided to try a different Couples so in 08 we tried CSS and we are headed back there in 2010.

    The sides of the island are another determining factor. We were dead set on Negril for our first trip to JA. We were torn between CSA and CN, but CN won, we toured CSA in 07, I loved it, my husband felt it was too spread out for his liking. He preferred the layout of CN. I still disagree and plan to get him on a split trip one day. I loved the Atrium Rooms at CSA.

    CSS in my opinion is the most romantic of the 3 I have seen, the only negative to CSS is the steps, there are alot of them because it is built into a cliff. The stairs and the cliff is also what adds to the overall ambiance of the resort. Exploring CSS is an adventure in itself.

    We love CN for the beach and the layout of the resort, we love CSS for the romantic feel of the resort.

    CTI includes more excursions than the rest. Dunns, Horseback Riding, and the Cat cruise....

    So it really is about what YOU are looking for.

    Couples resorts are not marble and opulence. Couples is more of what I consider to be Caribbean laid back elegance. You feel you are in JA at Couples. We love the resorts and we love the island and her people. Once you go you know!

    Good Luck in your decision, truly you cannot make a bad one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RnRMan32 View Post
    The decision isn't any easier when you go the second time!! We stayed at CSS and we know we're going to one of the resorts but can't decide which in May 2010.
    It is really hard to go to another one when you fall in love with one, but after two trips to CN we tried CSS, I think if you loved CSS you would love CN! Be adventurous!!!! CN's beach is incredible, the layout of CN is great, the pool is huge! The only negative is that if you are into A/N it does not compare to CSS.

    We love both resorts for entirely different reasons! They are very different, they are suppose to be.

    Next trip we may have to flip a

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