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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_Joe View Post
    I've been following this thread for a few days and just had to comment.
    BG-CSA is our home. We have been to CSS and CTI twice each.
    I just had to post about the people saying "Hey, if people are loud, just move."
    Why should other people have to move or be inconvenienced by the rude and inconsiderate? Why should someone have to give up a prime location on the beach because a large group of rowdy people decide to move in? Why should a couples meals be interupted by a large group of loud,people? Why should a couple have to move from the the swim up bar, or the pool to get some peace a quiet?
    The Couples philosophy states:

    And from the website about CSA:

    Everything Couples promotes is a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere for romance. When someone arrives and finds a big party crowd, why are they the ones who need to be "tolerant" or have to move? They paid for, and expected, a quiet romantic vacation because that is what Couples advertises.

    And Becky and Dave, I don't blame you one bit for immediately asking to be moved to CN.
    And I am really glad you did get to enjoy a peaceful, quiet, romantic honeymoon like you were promised.
    And I hope someone has taken note of the rude treatment at the Cabana Grill. That should never happen.
    Cathy Joe, great post! We do not go to Couples to be bothered by loud groups. If that is what we were seeking, there are plenty of resorts that offer a party hearty atmosphere. Couples has always been anything but.

    As much as we enjoy CSA, I would have asked to move as well.

    IMO it is up to management to ensure that the obnoxious behavior of loud groups does not compromise the enjoyment of their other guests.

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    Thank you for your honest review. Glad you liked CN, my favorite. I too think that management needs to have more control over the loud obnoxious behavior of some loud groups. I've not had any problem with that at CN, but we did encounter that once at CSS in the middle of the night. Management did take care of it at that time and no futher problems. Why should we have to move if we find an obnoxious loud group. We are also playing customers. We've not had the ant problem, but I know that sometimes that happens. Glad they could move you. I would not have liked that either.

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    When there is unlimited alcohol, you will run into some knuckleheads, it's up to management to crack down on the loudmouths. Big groups will not go away as they are money makers. That's just reality. It would only bother me if they kept me up at night. I've had smokers move near me on the beach and I had to move. The beach is huge and Smoking isn't illegal so I just moved. It was just easier for me to just move. I'm sorry you were so disappointed.

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