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    We stayed 6 nights at CSA in March of 2011 but didn't know about the Romance Reward Program. I registered for the program but it said that we wouldn't get any rewards so now I'm confused! We are going to CN in Decemeber 2012 and we were looking forward to the repeaters dinner, resort credits and the other benefits. Can anyone tell me how this works and if I did something wrong when I registered? We love couples and plan on making many more trips to this amazing resort so and any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance for the help!

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    Hi Monica,
    If you registered then you did nothing wrong. Go to your Romance Reward Program account and check to see if your March visit was recorded. If so, then you are good to go. If not, then send an e-mail with your particular stay details (can e-mail from the account) and believe you will find that Couples will correct immediately. The best to you and know you will enjoy CN in December. We are at Couples Swept Away over Thanksgiving and then at CN the first week of December.

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    You need to register within 1 year of the time of your stay to be eligible for the nights to counts. Since you are outside of that one year window you lost those 6 nights.

    Still I would call the 800# and see if they will do anything for you.

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    First thought is that in order to register a previous stay, it must be done within 12 months get credit for it. So, if you stayed March 2011, you would have had to sign up and asked for those days to be credited by March 2012.

    If you email them, they might make an exception, but only one way to find out!

    Good luck!

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    You have twelve months after check out to sign up for rewards. If you signed up within this 12 month time frame and your nights stayed are not getting credited properly (this happened to me), there is a 'contact us' link on the romance rewards page. Good luck!
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    Im pretty sure you have 1 year to claim your nights and sign up for romance rewards from the time you traveled.

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    We were 14 months past our last stay and called the RR agent and they added our problem!!

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