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    Default Excursions from CSA ( Horses and Dune Buggy Rides)

    Hubby and I are trying to decide which excursions we want to do while we are there. We'll be there Oct 17-24... so excited! I don't want to plan a crazy amount of stuff because I really want to enjoy the resort and relax but there are a few things we talked about doing. And I wanted to get everyone's take and experience on them!

    As far as excursions... he would like to do the dune buggy ride and I would like to do the Horse back ride. I had seen a company that offered those as a joint tour, but I was wondering if any of you have ever done that and if you could offer any advice! Wondering if there is a really GREAT company to go through?? Or ones we should avoid? And did you schedule those in advance or once you arrived at CSA?

    I know there are a ton of other excurions so if anyone has any others that are "MUST DOs" please let me know!!

    And I should say that while I so want to relax, this is our first vacation without our little girls. He is active duty Army and will just be getting back from his third, year long deployment... and we are 28 and 30. So we want to relax, but we want to take full advantage of this time to have fun too!!

    We were also thinking about renewing our vows because we just hit 10 years, so many decisions! Wish I had unlimited funds, lol.

    So excited to have him back in my arms and then be heading to the vacation of our dreams!!! It can not come soon enough!!!

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    Hi Buckeyegirl ~ I've never done the horseback riding or dune buggy but you could try contacting the CSA concierge desk and ask if they have info on those excursions. My hubby and I went for 7 days in February and there is SO much to do around the resort we didn't feel the need to leave, although we did play 9 holes of golf one morning. I would recommend doing the private beach dinner as a truly romantic event, especially in light of your upcoming 10 year anniversary. We used our resort credit to pay for the dinner, so there wasn't any additional cost. They also offer couples massage if that's something you both would enjoy. Please pass along my thanks to your husband for his service and thank you for supporting him! I wish you both much love and happiness!!

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    Hi Buckeyegirl. I am new to this also. My trip isnt planned till April, but i am in the same boat as you. We want to get off grounds at least once. After I looked at a bunch of companys to do a day trip with I desided on JUJU Tours. They are rated number 1 on Trip Advisor with all 98 reviews 5 stars. They have all kinds of tours and they even do private tours. They send 2 guides with you and even give you a cd of all the pics they take during your trip. They provide beer and rum punch as well. I would sugjust you at least check into them. I already have mine booked.

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    Only plan what you can do in one day as that is the most you will want to be off resort. We hired a private driver for the day so we could control the timing and not be rushed. We went to the Appleton Estate for the tour and some rum tasting and then went to the YS Falls for some zip lining and water fall jumping (wear a bathing suit and bring water shoes). The year before we added the Black River to see the crocodiles. These are all in the same area but it is a long drive to get there and back. Look on a map for the locations of things you want to do and make sure they are not spread out all over the island. Too much time in the car!

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    Hi Bukeyegirl ~ We are 1st timers to CSA as well (& Couples in general)...going next May for our wedding (on the beach)/honeymoon. It came recommended by 3 different sets of friends. Anyhoot, since I can't offer actual experience/advice, I thought I'd pass along what we are planning. Our absolute must's are the Dolphin swim, which is approx a 3 hour ordeal; the catamaran cruise, which is free, and also a 3-4 hour tour (hopefully the weather won't get rough & the tiny ship won't get tossed, lol ); a couples massage; and a shopping excursion, which one is offered through the resort at no cost. We are going to look into getting our own driver for that - just so that we can be on our own timeframe and stop along the way and go where ever we want, and hopefully see and do things through the eyes of a local. But that will be determined on funds - since we too are limited (gosh darn it). I have heard/read that the zipline is pretty awesome (was on our wish list, but we too want some relaxation), and have also seen great feedback regarding the dune buggies, and the horseback (which would both be totally awesome). We have a 9 mo old, who will be 1 yr 1/2 when we go, and neither of us have had a vacation since the early 2000's (crazy right?!) - unless you count weekend trips to the lake to camp, or canoeing - these being about a 3-4 hour drive from where we live...and we don't really count those as vaca's lol. Oh, and we are also doing the private dinner on the beach - that will be the night of our wedding...SO can't wait!!!!

    I would also like to see what suggestions others have to offer. There's so much too choose from!!!!

    As Pugdog said, please thank your husband for his service to our country....and lord knows, you's not easy being the spouse of a service member - especially during times of war and deployment! God bless you both....& God bless America - land of free and home of the brave

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    Hi buckeyegirl1981-
    We have been to CSA three times, each year trying a new excursion. The first year (our honeymoon) we tried the kayak/zipline tour (I think it was about 4 hours excursion, which made for a whole day including the travel time) This was amazing and exhilarating all at the same time. You kayak down a beautiful river and the guides are fantastic & so funny. It is bound to rain while the sun is shining & it is just a fantastic experience. The next year we tried the dune buggy trip, we went back & took two of our best friends, (both husbands were looking for an adrenaline rush) and at the half way point they will allow you to switch drivers. I highly recommend (if your hubby is willing to give up the driver seat ) Although being a passenger was allot of fun, driving the buggy is better. Thirdly we tried the ATV tour, each of us being able to "drive" was appealing to me. This is at the same location where they do the dune buggy/horseback riding, and I would say that while we were on the ATV's the dune buggys were speeding by and I found myself wishing we had booked the buggy's instead. At the end of the ride we were down where they take the horses at the end of the ride, and they take you into the ocean while still atop the horse which did looked like a fun experience. I would say try to book your excursion for the first couple days you are there, then you will have a few uninterrupted days to relax and enjoy the variety of activities there at the resort. We are going back to CSA in 2013 for our 4th trip. You will NOT be disappointed! Congratulations, and enjoy!

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