There are many things that draw us back to Couples. We have only been once but are now hooked. We are returning in April 2010. We all know that the beach, staff, weather etc draw us back but I would love to know this. What one thing you tasted be it food or drink cant you wait to get back for?
The reason I ask is we all have a favourite. There must be many things we have all missed out on and never got to try, did not know about or ask for. I have come across a few things on the message board I need to try next time such as A Duck Fart drink lol there was some type of special Blue Mountain coffee they make at Feathers (help on this one cant remember its name).
So, what are your most missed items. This way we all get to hear about them and then get to try them.
Sorry Tommywommy cant say I will be putting the Salty Dog High on the list lol one was enough.

My main drinks were the Pina Colada with a VX float and the Blue Mountain Bobsleigh.
Food, THE SOUPS dont miss out on these trust me. And out of the many things that stand out I would say dont miss the Banana stuffed French Toast and also eat your body weight in Jerk Chicken.

I just realized its not easy to single things out as everything I eat I loved lol but try your best so we can try them all next time.