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    We are booking to go to CN June next year and would like to do a day swap to CSA. (where we got married in Nov 2010) do we sort before we go or when we get there?

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    You sign up whenyou're there. the day before as far as I can remember.

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    The resorts do the exchange 3 times a week. They only take 10 couples, so if you are set on going, you may want to reserve when you arrive.

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    You must also be a Romance Rewards member also.

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    You sign up 24 hours before you want to visit the other resort. Probably best to pick a day and just sign up for it when you check in. Here is the cut and paste from the Couples site:
    Trading Places Pass for one day / exchange (10am- 4pm) with a Couples Resort in the same town, subject to availability, reservation required 24 hours in advance. (10am- 4pm)

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