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    Default I don't want to be at Couples this week

    This may be the only fortnight of my life I don't want to be at Couples ( although I am sure it is fab watching it all from there too on the beach)

    Ruth - in UK - watching London 2012 - so proud

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    The opening ceremonies were fabulous, your country should be proud !

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    While I am sure all of the Olympians will do themselves very proud I would NEVER give up time at Couples for anything if I could help it ;-)

    PRIORITIES people .....Priorities.....

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    right there with you Ruth. No place else to be. Proud to be a Brit more than ever! Oh, by the way, CSS still rocks!

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    Also with you Ruth, we are in Kent, and watched the opening ceremony on the tv.... Absolutely amazing... Couples will have to wait! Off to Olympic park tomorrow to mooch around. Go team GB! Best wishes,
    Nigel & Wendy

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremonies! I hope to make it to the UK one day - it's hard when the Couples vacation calls us loudly when it comes time to decide what to do! LOL Nigel & Wendy - what will they do with Olympic park once the Olympics are over?

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