Hello All

We are booked at CTI. And all of the reviews on the message board are great. [I] love the tips and feedback about the resort. I sounds like it will be a wonderful romantic vacation. Now, I guess I would expect that from a Couples sight i.e. great reviews. But there are some that have critiques and comments as well. I know that the couples staff also reviews the posts. I am very excited about the vacation and hope like others that Couples will be our new favorite vacation spot for years to come.

But in going a bit of additional research I have read alot of not so good reviews about CTI, on TA and other sites especially CTI (although they have just done a large remodel). These reviews more than one are sighting that the excursions are limited due to weather or just that the Staff does not want to bring down the equipment, that there are rooms that smell bad. That the AU Island is not always open and sometimes before a wedding not stocked. That top shelf liquor is very limited and that each bar has a daily bottle limit even though it is an all inclusive so they run out of top shelf everyday. Well I have not been to CTI so I though I would ask if the repeaters on this board could comment and hopefully lessen these wildly differing reviews. I know everyone has an opinion and there are even suggestions that negative reviews are plans from competitors. I just want to have a great romantic vacation with my other half and want my mind at ease that the money we have spent was done so wisely.

Can the regulars shed some light to the truth or falsity of these claims?