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    Default CSA vs. other Jamaican AI Resorts.

    We will be going to CSA in November for the 1st time. We've been to other all inclusives in Jamaica once and Couples San Souci once. Just looking for opinions and comments as to where CSA ranks compared with those other resorts.

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    If you are comparing CSA to the "S" resort CSA wins hands down!

    If we had to put a ranking number on CSA I would have to say number #2.

    Couples Negril will always be number #1 in our hearts!

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    Been to CSA 3 times and saving for #4, ENOUGH said!

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    Well we stayed at another AI in Negril (when we couldn't get a room at CSA) and lasted one night.
    We walked out the next day and checked into CSA.
    'nuff said.

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    If we are talking about romance Couples wins hands down. I personally prefer CSA to CN.I prefer the beach at CSA. I have stayed at other all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. if you are planning an romantic getaway Couples is the way to go. I really feel like my relationship gets renewed when my husband and I are there , it is simply paradise. I have been going to Jamaica for 20 years or more and have stayed in every category from a $20.00 room per night to the 5 star hotel. I can not recall a time that I did not fully enjoy my time in Jamaica especially if I am in Negril. The beach is heaven on earth

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    I have been to an S and to the B resort next door to CSA. We visited CN on a day pass. CSA is a clear winner as #1. Loved the beach, our room (atrium), and the laid back atmosphere. the B and S resorts have a Disneyland like quality while CSA is authentically Jamaican and incredibly beautiful.

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    I can't compare CSA to any of the other brands, but I can say that you will experience the same level of service, amenities, and inclusions you received at CSS.

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    I believe that Couples Swept Away is a unique experience for an AI resort.

    I have stayed at several other resorts in Jamaica and CSA just has that special something. It is so laid back with a natural beauty that blends in with the environment. Every time I return to Jamaica and see the monstrous resorts they are building I wonder why people would choose to go there if they are interested in experiencing the real Jamaica.

    I really missed CSA when I was single for ten years and could not go back, though in the "old" days they did offer occasional singles weeks and I was there for them.

    I have had some wonderful visits to small inns on the cliffs and at the beach as well as villa rentals in MoBay and hotels and inns in Ochi. For me, CSA is just the perfect spot and I take a deep breath as soon as I get there and immediately feel as if I am home.

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    We have booked our fourth trip to CSA! We love it!

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    We've stayed at two of the S resorts and got married at the GLB resort. All are AI, and to be honest and fair, we had a wonderful time at all of them. Truly, we had very little negative to say about any of our past experiences.

    This past May we had our first (of what we expect to be many) trip to CN. During our stay we did the transfer to CSA. During our stay, we walked the beaches along both bays and actually ventured on to the property of the S and the GLN resort next to CN to check them out.

    I can honestly say that even though we have enjoyed our past visits to other AI resorts in Jamaica, Couples Negril has our heart and we now consider this to be our returning home each time we book. The "feel" of the resort and the romance that exists there cannot be matched, in our opinion.

    Are there features that we may actually prefer at other AIs sure, but we will return to CN from here on out. All things considered, CN has won our hearts.


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    I haven't stayed anywhere else in Jamaica..and after being there for 8 days wouldn't want to. CSA was AMAZING -- hands down the best and most romantic vacation we've ever been on!

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