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    Default Won a 6 Day/5 Night Stay at Couples, HELP!!!

    My fiance and I won a stay at Couples Resorts after going to a bridal show. To think, she had to drag me to that thing! We won't be going until next June, but are trying to get dates/which resort nailed down. Any help is greatly appreciated on a few questions I have.
    - I am guessing there isn't a universal answer here, but we are in our mid-20's, any resort better for younger couples?
    - It's "All-Inclusive," the inclusions as far as activities goes, are they the ones that are listed under each resort in particular? I am having trouble determining which activities are included with which resort.
    - Any other tips/suggestions as far as our stay goes at Couples would be AWESOME!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    You are so fortunate!! Each resort is different, yet has the same basic set-up (wonderful staff, great food, everything included, no tipping, etc.) so you need to read the info about each one and decide which one "speaks to you." Reading all the posts, and all the replies will help you. I think there are a couple of basic differences. CN & CSA are in Negril which has the most gorgeous beaches. CTI and CSS are in Ochos Rios where the beaches at the resort are much smaller. CSA is on the 7 mile beach. CN is on Bloody Bay--smaller walking distances. CN, CTI, and CSS have AN areas. CSA has a fantastic fitness facility across the street from the resort. Good luck with your can't go wrong whichever resort you choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxbgirl View Post
    . . . CSA is on the 7 mile beach. CN is on Bloody Bay--smaller walking distances . . .
    Both CN and CSA are on Seven Mile Beach.

    Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length. CSA sits on Long Bay and shares the bay with numerous other resorts, bars, restaurants, and shops; CN sits on Bloody Bay and shares the bay with three other resorts.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    ... CN sits on Bloody Bay and shares the bay with three other resorts.
    In a way there is a 4th (SATP). Though their lodging and other facilities are across the road their beach is on Bloody Bay. (just past the 1st "R" resort, all the loungers, the building with the bathrooms and the separate bar are all theirs)

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    My husband and I were at CSA this past June and we came across many couples in their 20's that were there on their honeymoon. The activities included at CSA: scuba, snorkeling, waterski, catamaran cruise, hobie cat, wind surfing, and glass bottom boat. I may have forgotten a few, there are so many. There is also an amazing fitness center. You are very lucky to have won a trip to CSA. We liked it so much we are going back in January!

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    Regardless of which property you choose, the first thing I would do is buy 2 or 3 additional days. Once you get there, you won't be satisfied with just 5.

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    Depends on what you are looking for I just returned from CSS and it was amazing the atmosphere was secluded and romantic. We thought we were the only ones there until we continued to venture out and kept seeing more couples. Tuesday night at the beach party we were pleasantly surprised to see the whole beach filled with couples, we were wondering where they at. I loved the secluded feeling, the staff, the entertainment and our ages are 29 & 36.

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