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    Default trying so hard!!!!!

    so here i am, 16 weeks pregnant, obsessing over my next couples trip. we were just at cti in march, so it's not like it's really been that long, but somehow the more we go, the more i need it!!! now i am critically aware of the fact that if we don't squeeze in one more couples trip before the babe comes, it will be four more years before we get back. (i already made the hubby promise we would go for my 40th bday-5 year anniversary)
    we have agreed to do a bit of a babymoon, but justifying over $3000 for one is hard bc i will be off work at home watching the little one for so long. don't get me wrong, couples is worth every penny. that's one of the reasons i'm having a hard time agreeing to a long weekend anywhere else.
    so we entered the photo contest. and we are watching airfare. i am desperately holding out for october's secret rendezvous. perhaps a great weds deal?
    couples, i really want one more trip!!!

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    just wondering if any of the mb friends had done a babymoon? if so, was it at couples? how was it? any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Go for it. You will have the next 18+ years to dedicate yourself to the baby. The only rule of thumb we have ever used when making decisions on any type of purchase is can we cash flow it?

    If we have to put it on a credit card and pay interest on it then we cannot afford it at the time, so we don't do it.

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    I found out I was pregnant 5 days before we left for our last trip in 2010 and while there are many things you can still enjoy even pregnant, there were a few I was surprised by -- especially so early in my pregnancy. The big one was not being able to get a massage. Apparently, they have a strict "no massage" rule when you're pregnant so instead I got a milk & honey wrap which was fun too. I got a pedicure while my husband was diving so that made up for that missed opportunity too.

    The bar tenders worked with me on some virgin drinks, but I was also diappointed that at the time we were there, they were out of Ting and didn't get anymore until our last day there. That said, Jamaican Gingerale is really good and a nice alternative to Ting.

    I have heard of months where SR is not available. We actually leave Tuesday for our first SR and we didn't book flights until about one month out once they published the August rate. It seems like Wednesdays are the best days for booking flights. Depending on where you live, I'd just set up an airfare alert so you know when you've found a good flight. Biggest restriction I found in booking flights late is that some of the arrival and departure times are less than desirable.

    As a separate note, we did make a babymoon to Chicago when I was pregnant with my first and really enjoyed the time to just enjoy one another. As for not being able to afford another trip for at least another 4 years, life is about choices. One of the things that I think actually helps my family is that my husband and I make time for just the two of us a priority. Don't get me wrong, my girls (4 & 1) are my world, but to be the best we can be for our girls, my husband and I need to make each other a priority and make sure our relationship stays healthy. Couples is one way we do that! This will be our 3rd trip in 3 years and wouldn't change anything!

    Sorry for the rambling response. Too excited for my upcoming vacation I suppose!

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    Hey There!! It's Steph & Jeremiah, just wanted to say congrats on the baby! It was so fun hanging out with you guys in March. We ended up having quite the weather after you guys left. I think there were 4 red flag days! Anyway, we've recently been getting the Couples itch, as well, big time, but already agreed that we would not do a Couples trip next year. We're already talking about 2014, which will be our 10 year anniversary and my 40th. Anyway, are you guys on FB? We'd love to keep in touch! Congrats, again on the baby!!

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    Fluffin, that's pretty much our approach as well. Now,5 days or a week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    Now,5 days or a week?
    HEHEHEHEHE....that's an easy one!! 7 days for sure. 5 days is never long enough if you ask me. Then again 5 days is better then 4 days

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    Omg, s and j, so glad to hear from you. I was wondering how and when we could reconnect! On fb, look for Jennifer Johnston Kindwall. The couples itch is sooo bad, the more I go the more I need it!
    We are really trying to find a way to get to Jamaica in October. I laugh just thinking about my big tummy waddling on the island!
    We will definitely be back in 2016 for my 40th and our five year anniversary.
    Can't wait to hear from you!

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    kurlie, thanks so much for your reply. it was truly helpful! i completely agree about making time for yourselves as a couple. we have a 6 year old boy at home, so we are parents and workhorses 99% of the time. we are really struggling with leaving our child again, but i know he will survive.
    it sounded like you have done sr more than once? what was your experience like? can i ask what months you went and where they put you?
    the massage info is super good to know. i was planning on spending my resort credits there, but looks like we may do the private dinner again. or perhaps photos?
    no ting-bummer. i love that stuff! usually mixed with tequila and a splash of campari
    we are from madison, so we actually considered chicago, but i really want couples or nothing. i'm becoming a spoiled brat when it comes to vacations!

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    Congrats on the baby! If you can swing it financially, go for it. But you have to wait 4 years before you go again after the baby. I think you may find yourself wanting to go much sooner. My husband and I have made time for each other (either a long weekend, or 7 night at Couples) every year we have been married. You will need a break from the baby and of course some couple time. Good luck with your decision.

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    This is actually going to be our first SR and I'm a little aprehensive as they've placed us at CTI which is the only one where we've not stayed. It never drew us in quite like the others, but after all the helpful posts on the MB, I'm excited about trying the things that are unique to CTI. We've always traveled in July or August as my husband is a teacher and we can't get away any other months. Based on what I've read and the folks we met at CSS 2 years ago, it seems like 90-95% of the time folks are placed at CSS and CTI and the split that I've read between CSS and CTI is probably more heavily towards CTI. We were banking that the spa credit deal for CTI would have it more full and we'd just end up at CSS at a great discount!

    As for use of your resort credits, you might ask whether they'd consider a modified massage, maybe things have changed or they've got someone certified for pregnancy, but just don't want you to be surprised if they tell you no. We did do a private dinner at CN in 2009 and I really enjoyed it. It ended up raining half way through and they moved us under one of the wedding gazebo areas. We agreed though that if we were to do it again, the only way would be on the island based on privacy. Even though people don't mean to be too intrusive, you ultimately become somewhat the center of attention for those walking along the beach.

    Good luck with your pregnancy!

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