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    Default Wedding hair questions

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm going to CN this month to get married, can't wait!!!

    I would like to get my hair done at the salon, not really sure what style yet, ahh! Was thinking maybe half up and half down.. but I do know that I want orchids in my hair.

    Can anyone advise if you can order these through the wedding co-ordinator with your bouquet and if so, how they pin them to your hair? Do I need to bring any pins or anything?

    Also, any recent reviews on wedding make up at CN would be great as doesn't seem to be much on this and I'm still trying to decide whether to get it done or do it myself.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi, I did my own make-up the salon did an awesome job on my hair (half up and half down). I just took them a pic, they have the pins (lots of them). Flowers....just ask the wedding coordinator to order them. Our wedding was May 2009 CN...... Congrats and best wishes.... Seriously, you will have no worries only the ones you create....

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