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    Default Beer question at CSS....

    I am new here but have been reading the boards like crazy for the last week. First let me say that I have learned so much and my list of things to bring doubled at first and then was cut by more than half. I will heed the advice to not overpack which will make my hubby very very happy.

    My hubby and I are going to CSS 8/19 - 8/24 for the first time to Jamaica and first time at a Couples resort, however not our first AI. (AI is the way to go ). My questions is, do they only have Red Strip and Red Stripe Light at CSS? I read a post that said it was only El Carib so I am a little confused. Any help is appreciated.


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    Red Stripe (and RS Light) are served on tap at the bars...cans of El Carib are stocked in your in-room refrigerator, if you request beer.
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    We had Carib in our minibar but that was 3 years ago.

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    When I was there in Feb 2011, they only had redstripe on tap and no red stripe light even though the bars had taps for both.

    caribe in cans in mini-fridge

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    I know they have miller lite right next door at CTI. Not sureabout CSS.

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    Red stripe, red stripe light, something in a can in the mini-fridge (tried one didn't like it), and I think they had miller light but why anyone would drink that is beyond me

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    They have Red Stripe on tap at the bars, Carib in your room fridge and you can get Guiness at the Smoothie Bar by the gym. We were just there. You will love it!! Awesome place. Already booked for next year!

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    Not sure about CSS but they do have Guiness and Heinneken at the Martini Bar at CSA, along with Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light. The other bars have Red Strike, Carib, and Miller Lite I believe. Not sure if its the same at the other resorts or not.

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    So do they have red stripe light available again at the bars. I was told there was a distrubution issue from the supplier when I was there in Feb 2011.

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