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    Default CSA and Same sex couples?

    My partner and I will be going to CSA in a couple of months and my mom (being a mom that she is) is worried that we may be treated differently while at the resort. I informed her that the threads I have read states to show no PDA while outside of the resort, but once we are at the resort we are treated no differently than any other couple. This is true? I just wanted to ease her mind before we leave the country Its our 1st trip together and I want us to have the best time.

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    While it wasn't always the case, the Couples Resorts today welcome same-sex couples. However, Jamaica is not a gay-friendly country. The resort staff members will treat you with the same respect that they treat all others, but you shouldn't expect that same respect off of resort premises.

    You should refrain from any form of PDA off of resort premises; on site, other than handholding or a light kiss, displays of affection should be confined to your room, and this is true for ALL couples, not just same-sex couples. There are occasionally couples who mistakenly believe that sexual behavior in public is tolerated/encouraged at Couples, but they're at the wrong resort.
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    We have been seeing more and more same sex couples at CSA and no way are they treated any different. At least from what I have seen and been told. Jamaicans dont believe in same sex relationships but you will not feel that on the resort at all. Go and have the time of your life!

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    You won't get treated any differently at Couples. In Jamaica, and most of the Caribbean for that matter, the adversity is more toward male same sex couples than for the females. On-resort, you won't have any problems at all. In fact, on our second to last trip to CN, there was a male couple with a bunch of friends for a wedding, and they had an awesome time. Nobody treated them differently at all. No problems!

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    Couples resorts treats each and every couple with the same respect. They welcome everyone with open arms. Just be cautious off the resort.

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    We have been to CSS and CN where there were same sex couples. Not any issues as far as I can tell. Most couples act the same way as us, holding hands, making googly eyes at each other,lol. You don't see people making out at Couples where its embarrassing. And I have never seen anyone showing any PDA off the resort whether same or not. I hope you both have a wonderful time! And your mom will worry (cause thats what we moms do and we do it well!)

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    I am half of a same sex coule who has gone to CSA 4 times and I can tell you from personal experience that you will be treated like everyone else. We love CSA and I encourage you to go knowing you will be fine. I will say that it is best not to be diplaying any PDA on or off the resort. Like DANK120 said, I think it is the male same sex couples that get more flack about it but I reccomend keeping the PDA confined to your room. You will love CSA and I hope we can return there in the next year or two. Have fun and tell Mom not to worry.

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