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    Default Bringing coffee & jerk seasoning back home

    Does anyone know if there are any problems with bringing Blue Mountain coffee and jerk seasoning back to the states in your carry-on luggage? We were thinking of not checking a bag this trip but we may have to if we can't bring the coffee and seasoning back in our carry-on. Any help is appreciated.


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    If it's dry jerk rub that you're bringing back, you'll have no problems with it. Liquids over 3 ounces or whatever the daily TSA rules call for has to be in your checked bags. Coffee is no problem, but be aware that the drug-sniffing dogs in all US airports are trained to sniff out coffee, as that's what smugglers use to hide the odor of certain herbs. I saw an elderly Jamaican woman in Miami get searched because the dog found the ten pounds of coffee she had packed.
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    I bring Blue Mountain coffee & jerk rub back home evertime we go to CSA. I can jam around 25 lbs of coffee in my carry on, never a problem in security. This year they did open up my carry on a looked at each bag of coffee, the security lady said "you must love this coffee" I said yes, I need enough to get me through to the next time we go to CSA... which is only 32 more Fridays...enjoy that coffee...

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    My coffee was in my carry on for both our flights, and also some sorrell tea, and we had no problems!

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    Dry seasoning is fine, as is coffee. Jerk SAUCE would need to adhere to liquid regulations.

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    You can't bring liquids through security at any of the airports. So you either need to buy them at the airport after security to bring them in your carry-on and then pack then into your checked bags after you land when you clear US customs if you have a conecting flight. Or you will need to pack them in your checked bags starting at MBJ.

    I learned this the hard way when security took the Jerk seasoning and keep it just to step another 5 steps at MBJ just to pay for it again in the airport's shops. They consider Jerk Seasoning a liquid...
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    Shouldnt be a problem since you can buy this at the airport, just keep your recipts handy

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    Hi! We always bring at least two bags of coffee, jerk sauce and rum that we purchase in the MoBay airport home with us. We carry those items on the plane with us. Have never had a problem bringing them into the U.S. with us. I wish we could fit more in our carry ons! We run out of everything too fast!

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    That is not a problem at all! Only liquids. But if you don't have a connecting flight in the U.S., you CAN buy alcohol at the airport and carry it on.

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    If you have a connecting flight in the US you will need to repack any liquids that don't meet the 3-1-1 rule in your checked bag. This includes sauces & alcohol purchased past the security check point in MoBay. We connected in Baltimore this trip and needed to put our rum purchased at the MoBay airport in our checked bag after immigration/customs but before the next security point.

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    The Walkerswood or Busha Brown's jerk seasoning, is actually a paste, and that counts as a liquid. If you buy it or any other liquids at the airport after you have passed security, you can bring it on the plane as a carry-on. If your first stop in the U.S. is at your home destination, you are good to go. However, if you have a connecting flight in the U.S., after you land and go through customs, you will have to pack it in your carry-on before you go back through security to get on your connecting flight. You will have to have a checked bag for this purpose. We never check our bags on any domestic flights, but when we go to Jamaica, we always check one big bag at exactly 50 lbs, so we have less weight to lug around on the plane. There's never really any point on the trip where you're gonna be in a rush, unless you book your connecting flight home in a tight window, because you will have to go through customs. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for all the info. Janet had read somewhere that coffee and seasoning had to go in a checked bag. Glad to know it doesn't.

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