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    Default CSS and CTI....both in 1 visit!!

    FIRST TIMERS going to Couples....have not been to any resorts before. We are splitting up 10 days between CSS and CTI...looking for advise as what not to miss while we are there. Not interested in the AN at all. What are the best sweet drinks, best places to eat...does not have to be the formal places. What experiences have you done there and would NOT do again. Just a bit nervous and not sure what to expect. We are going Spring 2013. Thanks for any and all info.

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    We are doing the same split in January 2013. We have been to Jamaica 15 times and recommend Dunn's River Falls as a must (and its included through both resorts). One of the most relaxing is river rafting on bamboo rafts. We had a blast inner tubing down the river. If you want some culture, I recommend doing the 9 mile Bob Marley tour.
    You will have a great time what ever you do.

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    Default Massage

    I agree with you, thanks for an explanation. As always all ingenious is simple.

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    I'm sure you can find a lot of "what not to miss" ideas about each of the resorts on other threads, so I'll concentrate on the split part of it. We did a CTI/CSS split, 7 nights at each. We started with CTI. When it was transfer day we left our packs at the desk and officially checked out. Then we went horseback riding (no longer included). We were able to put our valuables and a change of clothes in the lockers at the spa. We had showers there. We planned to take the airport shuttle and get dropped at CSS, but the next horseback riding bus was departing, so we went with them. It's very close, so the transfer is quick and easy. Since we were now about mid day we lucked out and out room was ready. If it's not, then I'm sure they'll have somewhere for valuables and you can get some lunch or hit the beach. So dress ready for that for the the transfer, in case you don't have a room right away at the other side. Have your sunglasses, sunscreen etc. handy too.
    They are both very different, so try not to compare, so much as discovering each for what it has to offer that the other doesn't. For example, be sure to explore CSS fully, since CTI is smaller. Check out Charlie's grotto area, the hidden hot tub and hammocks, and walk around the pond.
    We didn't do the nude thing, so we missed out on the island, but we did the cat cruise form there, since it's not offered at CSS. Be sure to hang out at each of the pools at CTI. They have a great view. The mineral pool at CSS does too, but it was chilly and no bar for mixed drinks there. Speaking of drinks... they had interesting specials each day but they tended to be more citrus-y than I like. Hummingbirds are still my fav.

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    You'll have an AMAZING time

    The one thing I would skip is the shopping trip. You can find many of the things in the shops at the airport. I'm sure there are others out there that enjoy the shopping excursions, but for me it was the same stuff over and over. Just a thought

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