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    Default Deluxe Beachfront vs. Garden Suite

    Hello everyone!

    My fiance and myself just recently booked our wedding/honeymoon at CN and were wondering what the difference between the Deluxe Beachfront and the Garden Suite are and what are the pro's and con's of each. Any tips are greatly appreciated! I am sure either way it will be beautiful.

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    A deluxe beachfront is a standard room that is closer to the beach whereas a Garden suite is double the size of a standard room but away from the beach. (note that everything is close to the beach in reality) On our last trip we stayed in a Garden Suite and loved it. The suites also allow you to have an evening meal in your room. We found this to be very romantic and really enjoyed the service related to this meal.

    I've attached a picture taken from the balcony of our garden suite. we were in Building 8 on the third floor. This will give you an idea of how close we were to the beach. Good luck and no matter what you decide, it will be great.

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    Thank you Kurt and Angie for this helpful tip. After asking my initial question I did some further reading through the message board and noticed that most people agree that the garden suite is just as great and even more cost effective. The picture is gorgeous and furthers my excitement for our trip. You can't beat a meal in your room especially with such a beautiful setting.

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    Since you aren't really on the beach (the buildings are in a horse shoe shape) with any of the rooms it all depends on your price point here. We had both and definitley loved our suite. Ours overlooked the au naturel area to the ocean and really I had to be in the balcony to really see the ocean. That said, what a nice room. it was spacious, we had a wall of windows and the views were awesome as we also had the gardenview as well. You are so close to everything here that room distance doesnt matter. We were at the last building (overlooking another resort) and honestly it only took a few minutes to the lobby.

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