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    Ok, I will be the first to admit that I have not been to CSA, we are big fans of CN. I am trying to talk hubby into Trading Places in August if we can get up off the beach long enough.

    However, I do read the reviews that are posted on TA. There is a new review that has been posted that had me laughing out loud. According to the reviewer one bartender told him/her that Couples IS a tipping resort, they just don't advertise it so they can compete with the "S" resorts.

    Boy oh boy, that fact has been so well hidden that I want to commend Couples and their marketing team for doing such a good job at keeping that a secret. Why, before you know it you might even want to write a policy about "No Tipping", oh wait you did already. So then the question begs to be asked (dun, dun, daaaaaaa) (mood music) was this reviewer actually at CSA????????

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    Very funny!!

    On our first trip to CSA we had read that that all Couples resorts were non-tipping. I thought "yea right". We've been to Puerto Vallarta and you don't have to tip, but it sure helps your service. My first trip to the bar, at CSA, I gave the bartender a couple of bucks. He pushed it back to me and said " no tipping please, I could get fired for accepting it". I quickly apologized and realized no tipping really is no tipping. At CSA you get great service no matter what.

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    I read that and it complete BS. I can live with that. What really ticked me off is that they used someone's name, and said some really derogatory stuff about them. Not cool...not cool at all.

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    Seriously, I have read several bad reviews lately (not all were published recently) and many, if not most, of them made remarks about Couples that made me question the validity of the review. They seem to state things that are so contradictory to every experience that I have had at Couples! Just makes me wonder who is really writing these things!

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    Default Yeah!

    I sent a message to one of those recent negative reviewers. I wasn't rude or not terribly rude. I was just commenting on the fact that she said that she takes at least two vacations a year. But if you look at her profile none of the reviews that she has posted to date have been positive. I simply said that it would be good to also post reviews about places that have "lived up to her expectations".

    She messaged me back a page worth of ugliness. Saying that I did not know how to read... I should go back to school because if I could read I would see that she had many positive things to say.......... blah blah. Well if she had a good experience why would she rate CSA as a 2. Does she expect perfection? She will be waiting a long time for that. I would hate to be her husband!!!. Ok I am done ranting.

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    some people are just never happy. no problem mon!
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