I lived on this board day and night preceding my first trip to CN. Since then I've lurked and read and lived vicariously through everyone's experiences.

DH and I hope to return soon (2010) and the new board seemed to be a good reason to register. I may be able to help a newbie from time to time or I can just keep reading and day dreaming.

I miss CN every single day!!! How many vacations can you think of that provide that kind of tug at your heartstrings?

I was married at CN in October of 2005. Hurricane Wilma left a lot to be desired as far as time spent on the beach and any water sport, but every other aspect of the resort kept me happy as a clam. The food, the staff, the feeling of being the only couple in the world when we chose to be alone or the feeling of vacationing with newly made friends when the social bug took over.

Glad to be back on the board (don't remember my previous user name) and am looking forward to joining in conversations that keep that 'Jamaican spark' alive.