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    With each of our recent trips to Couples, there has been a Zac Brown Band song that gets stuck in my head and thus associated with each of our trips. In 2009 it was Toes, then 2010 was Knee Deep, and now for 2012 it's Island Song...

    Two weeks and counting!

    "Anybody here, pass me a beer
    And I知 a keep playing this music that you hear
    And if you know the song, then come and sing along with me
    Walking with the beach to my left, sea to my right
    And I知 gonna get faded at the tiki bar tonight
    Then I知 a roll one up, like my name is Bob, yea
    I知 a party like I知 a Jamaican

    If you really wanna know, where you can find me
    I値l be unwinding
    Down in the islands, down in the islands
    The ocean, lose track of your timing
    Grab a drink beside me
    Down in the islands, down in the islands..."

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    Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard that one and I have a playlist of songs to make me smile through the day imagining our trip next year, this song is going on for sure!

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    After listening to Zachs Island song n You Tube,, Makes us wish we was in Jamaica now!
    But with farming an the midwest drought of 2012,,, Looks like now its going to be 2014 before we return home to CTI,,
    Cant come Soon enough either MON,,, Miss the Dont Worry Be happy No Problem Mon
    and Byrons,, welcome to Jamaica soon as you walk in Lobby at CTI

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    Downloaded this to our Ipad, my husband played it soon as I heard it, I got chill bumps, and said 'this is our theme song for this trip!'...yes, we are back home, today, and yes, it still will be our song for this trip...too appropriate...(sp?)heard some other people playing this on the beach, on porches, etc. Got some grins while it was on while we were sipping drinks on our porch veranda...they knew, is the one for this trip! Will be the back ground music for our pic presentation we make our friends watch! ha. (hope they'll still be our friends, lol) Good trip...planning a 'full review' later...

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    I like knee deep too! Hadn't heard this song til now. Good stuff

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    what a great song!! thanks for sharing

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